Monday, August 19, 2013

Who Needs Comedy Central?

I love to laugh.  Photo credit: Sierra Waters
The greatest gifts I ever gave myself were my children. We have always been close. It has been my privilege, and my greatest blessing, to be the leader of this little pack of wolf babies. I feel the tables turning, though, the older we all get. Now I look to them for advice, and not just about technology! They are smart people with good healthy habits. I admire them in so many ways. One thing I can always count on from them, is the things they say and do that make me laugh.

One night when I was at Dylan's and Jamie's, the room felt like it was spinning, and I thought my blood sugar might be crashing, so I ate some almonds, and Dylan gave me his coconut water...or "God's Gatorade," as he likes to call it. That was 7:00 that evening. I told him, "I don't know what's wrong...I ate a decent lunch around 6:30."
"We picked up some pamphlets for you...for the place across the street," he said. Apparently, we were switching topics.
"Oh, the new apartment housing?"
"No, the assisted living center...they help with dementia and other problems," he explained.
"You said you just had lunch at 6:30..."

His quick wit makes me stop in my tracks. My mouth just hangs agape most of the time we're together.

Child number two, the daughter, makes me laugh with her facial expressions, and slapstick comedy. Whenever I browse old pictures, I remember the moment she pulled some of those faces. Sierra is such a beautiful girl, but she has never taken her looks seriously. She is the one I can count on to make me smile when I'm feeling blue. She doesn't allow me to take myself seriously either. Here are some doozies I came across this weekend:

We love our Bubba Teef.  Must've forgotten mine that day.
Sierra, I have no words.

The fine print:  "... District does not discriminate on the basis of race,color, national origin, sex disability
or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all groups.  

Bridger sent me this copy of his high school fees, via a pic message on his phone. He said, "Do you think they meant SEX DISABILITY? Or did they just leave out a comma? Good eye, Bridger-san. Good eye. You have learned well from the Grammar Ninja. It's truly never a dull moment with them around. Even with miles between us, they keep me chuckling with phone calls, texts, and Facebook updates. With kids like these, who needs Comedy Central?

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