Friday, August 9, 2013

*The Moment I Wake Up, Before I Put on My Makeup

My right eye slowly opens, trying to focus in the dark.  6:37, according to the red digital clock numbers, glaring like a neon sign in the night.  I let the numbers sink in, grateful once again that they are anything after 3:30, the witching hour that haunted me the most when I was teaching.  The dreams of the night are evaporating quickly, which is just as well.  It's another teacher dream.  I have faint recollections of a child who'd wet his pants, making plans with other people responsible for children, and a very large building with which I was unfamiliar.

Good morning!  This is MY time of day. Now that my dreams have faded, my brain starts buzzing with the pleasant thought of getting this day going.  I throw back the covers and head to my bathroom for a quick stop.  The house hums softly with electrical appliances, the temperature comfortable for my early morning routine. Without any lights on in my dressing room (the guest room is where I keep all of my stuff, so I love calling it my dressing room), I select a pair of yoga pants, and try to put them on.  Hmm. Well, I can tell they're going on backwards, so I give it another go, and there they are, all the way up, and they're on backwards. Love having the butt of the pants up to my ribcage.  Ha ha.  Let's see if we can still dress ourself, shall we?  Yes, I love to entertain myself with silliness first thing in the morning.

I pull the load of clothes from the dryer.  They're not TOO wrinkled, so I hang the t-shirts on hangers, and put them away.  Having done that little chore, I feel I deserve the remainder of the morning to do WHATEVER I WANT.  And what I want to do is write, write, write.  I fill my insulated cup with water, grab my laptop, and head to the patio.  This is the time of day I ice my aching back, make myself down a quart of iced water, and I communicate with words until my heart's content.

This was my attitude every time it was time to buy a new
When I retired, I got a MacBook Pro. It is the computer of my dreams.  I have always wanted an Apple computer of my own, having been spoiled by having the latest and greatest Apple products on my desk at school.  I bought an orange hard case to protect it, so I love it even more.

The last two computers I had, I bought myself. I had an Acer and an HP. They were fine; they got the job done, but with all my heart, I wanted an Apple. I just couldn't justify the expense.  They are the Cadillac of computers, in my little teacher's heart.  I would look at them wistfully online, hoping that ONE day, I would have one to call my own. Now that I'm retired, I finally have an Apple computer.

Today is a big day for me.  I am going to lunch with a friend I have not seen since she left to go on a mission when we were in college.  Her life has been filled with adventures I can only imagine.  I can't wait to hear about her travels as an Air Force doctor's wife, living in England, and now, teaching at Brigham Young.  Connecting with people is one of the highlights of this life for me.

Reveille is playing at Hill Air Force Base. It's time for me to get going.  I am feeling so blessed and happy.  It's going to be another day in paradise.  ;-)


  1. Hope your weekend is fabulous! I love mornings before anyone else gets up....I call it MY TIME.

  2. i am loving your blog and wishing we were neighbors....

    1. Elisabeth, thank you for your comments yesterday. If we were't that be so very awesome!!! Thanks for checking in every once in awhile! Miss you...


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