Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Remember Chia Pets?

Ever since our little "CHIA PET" PUDDING adventure last night, my head has been SPINNING.  Not around the clock, without a break, but it comes and goes with great frequency.  I've been racking my brain.  Am I getting sick?  Is this how the flu starts? Are my eyes sick of staring at screens all day?  As my kids can tell you, I live my life in front of a computer or a cell phone, it seems.

Could it be the HEAT?  My heavens, it's hot as blazes in Saint George, Utah. Bridger said it's supposed to be cooler today...down to 100.  Yeah, that will be refreshing.  (P.S. It ended up being 109, according to my car thermometer!!!  "But it's a dry heat," people say.  Hell's heat is similar, I bet.)

After staying up late with the kids last night, I woke up with a headache at FIVE.  Slightly light-headed, I took breaks from doing hair and makeup with little rests in bed.  By seven, I was at Margie's to pick her up for breakfast.  "Oh, do you want to cancel?" she asked when I complained about my head.

"Absolutely not!  It's not THAT bad."  We had such a good time catching up...laughing often and sharing stories about our grandkids and talking about art classes and confessing to some of our little indiscretions.  Ha!  Nothing big...little things like spending money on ourselves without guilt for the first time in our lives...eating comfort food a little too much, and a little too often. Occasionally, I had to hold my head or close my eyes, but the dizziness seemed manageable.  Margie suggested I see my eye doctor.  Maybe my Lasik surgery results have changed over time, or I need glasses now. It's something to consider.

Later, the boys and I headed to Sportsmen's Warehouse.  They each headed to different departments, fishing and ammo, and I made a beeline in another direction.  I told Bridge I would be in camp chairs.  I was LITERALLY in a camp chair within moments, resting my eyes. Several employees asked if I were enjoying myself.  I felt like I needed to explain my actions to an older couple who smiled politely behind raised eyebrows.  "Are you going to be okay?"  I assured them I would.  When the boys were ready to go, I covered by eyes with my sunglasses and put on a brave face to do back to school shopping for my upcoming sophomore.

Now that we're home, I've been resting in the darkened guest room, and Googling vertigo.  Then I Googled vertigo + chia seeds...and guess what?  There are several articles linking the two. Hmmm...there were suggestions about chia possibly lowering blood pressure.  When I told Dylan, he said, "Well, chia seeds are pretty expensive, but probably cheaper than tickets to ride a roller coaster, yeah?"  That kid can turn anything into a chuckle.

I am still investigating.  Does anybody out there KNOW if chia could be the culprit of my vertigo? For the time being, I'm going to play it safe and avoid them.  I really like the taste of the chia pudding, and I like feeling fuller, longer.  I hope it's just a short-term problem that will go away on its own.  If it ends up being the chia, I have plenty of chia seeds here if anyone wants to grow Chia Pets with me.
YouTube: Chia Pet Commercial


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