Saturday, May 24, 2014

REQUEST (A Short Poem for Bridger)


Keep me from living too fast,
and if I live too fast,
slow me down. Come
anytime. Come laughing
into the house.
Clap your hands. Slam the door.

Make me stop my frenzy, and 
lean into me so I can take you in my arms.
Tell me the bumblebee has returned,
take my face in your chubby hands,
and really make me see. 

Or tell me
the snap dragons have blossomed,
and show me.

See to it that I see. Talk to me
until I'm half as alive as you,
and until I slow down, wondering why
I ever started to hurry at all.

Remind me how amazing life is;
don't just tell me, convince me.
You know I won't be too hard to convince.

Adapted from the poem "Summons" by Robert Francis


  1. This is beautiful, what a treasure!

    1. Susan, thank you. I'm taking notes every time I visit your poetry. You inspire me with the impact of your message with an economy of words.

  2. And, he has tried very hard to fulfill your request!

    1. My "late in life" baby has been such a blessing.

  3. This is so shareable. The beauty of children in helping us stay alive to life when we get too busy with things.

    1. Linda, thank you for re-posting, and sharing. It means so much.


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