Thursday, December 23, 2010

The "No Snow" Snow Day...

So today I find myself at home, on the first snow day of my 27 year teaching career...with no snow to play in, no snow balls to form, no hills of snow to slide down.  Bridger and I will be staring out the window at the rain-soaked grass where just yesterday there was a grand snowfall that was iconic for the pre-Christmas season. 

YESTERDAY, oh, yesterday seems another lifetime ago.  I awoke at 3:30, aware of cool temperatures and extreme darkness.  We had no power.  My house was 60 degrees.  I was in a panic because I really like to do my hair and makeup before I'm seen in public.  So what did I do?  Took a picture of my scary self and posted it on Facebook to share my humor and horror at having to get ready without looking ready.  I asked, "Seriously, would you want your children to be taught by this woman today?  Get me some power, people, so I can restore some order to this hair." 

Snow had fallen all night, and I knew the roads in the canyon could be treacherous.  SO, Bridge and I jumped in my father-in-law's Suburban (4-wheel-drive) and headed to school early, in case it took longer to get there.  My 25 minute commute took 45 minutes because I discovered, much to my dismay, that there was no heater or defroster in the vehicle.  Oh, it had them; they were just out of commission.  My windshield was a solid sheet of ice, not conducive for looking through.  Once in the canyon, there's no pulling over if people are behind you, so I focused on a mini triangle of semi-translucent glass above my rearview mirror, and tried to stay between the middle line and the delineator posts.  We had to travel with the windows down in the freezing temps because the minimal heat from our bodies was fogging the glass.  It was hailing outside. Hanging my head out the window was painful, but necessary at one point to see the highway.

Finally, I got to school, and my Facebook friends were chuckling, knowing my physical and emotional state.  I ripped my hat off of my scary hair, and went in search of a mirror near an outlet.  I put on my makeup and did my hair in the sick room, and tried to calm my nerves for a day with easily excitable fifth graders.  I had to get the Suburban to a shop for repairs and so after making arrangements to have my class covered, I headed back out into the snowfall and delivered my car to my savior mechanic.

My friend Stacey and I went out on to the playground and got darling pics of our kids building gigantic snow balls.  They never seem to make snowmen here...just the biggest, "hugest" snow balls that are taller than any fifth grader.  It's so fun to see them cooperating and having fun together.  I even made a snow angel, and savored the moment.

By 1:00 rumors were flying that because it had been snowing all day, the superintendent felt we might have to have a snow day the NEXT day.  Imagine what that means to children:  a day off!  But no parties, no little gifts from friends, no Christmas movie, no sing along...all of our school traditions for Christmas would be cancelled.  And so they were. 

It cost $150 to fix the car...and to top of the gas guzzler's tank cost $75.  Merry Frickin' Christmas to me.  I was feeling kind of grumpy.  Bridge had offered to make dinner...Rocky Mountain Oysters.  My little sister Nat thought "how sweet that he'll cook for you."  Until she found out what he was making:  beef testicles.  

"Order a pizza!" was her suggestion.  Then my mom called..."I made beef stroganoff and corn pudding...are you coming to join us?"  Didn't take me long to jump at  the chance to have something go right on this crazy day!  We'll "have a ball" some time today.  Ha ha.  I have to joke about it because I'm so afraid I'll wretch while eating my little boy's meal.

So today it's laundry and baking and perhaps watching The Christmas Story.  (You'll put your eye out with that thing!" )  Not much of a SNOW day but a nice day, nonetheless.

We did eventually eat Bridger's Rocky Mountain Oysters.  And guess what?  They're not half-bad.  I had to put every conscious thought out of my head while eating them and found them to be tender and very sweet.  Afterwards, when I realized what I'd done, I felt a little nauseous but I have to admit, living in that particular moment...I actually thought they were very tasty.  "We had a ball!"  LOL.

"Having a ball in Marysvale" with Bridger during the Christmas holiday.  Yes, ma'am, I'm a brave, brave woman.