Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Is Everyone at Bristol Beautiful?"

"Is everyone at Bristol beautiful?" a friend asked me recently.

People often notice that the pictures we post from the Bristol Renaissance Faire feature gorgeously radiant subjects. Our lenses are drawn to these people, whether they are cast members, staff, or patrons. People from all walks of life are represented in our photographs; every age group, a variety of cultures and races, and all shapes and sizes. 

My photo albums are full of beautiful people. I thought for a moment before I responded to my friend's question. They do seem to have one thing in common.

"The people at Bristol are happy, and when people are happy, they look beautiful."

These are some of my favorite photos that capture the happiness that translates to beauty at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. 

You tell me; is everyone at Bristol beautiful?

Even the witches are beautiful at Bristol. They are usually smiling and laughing too much to be scary.
(Please, Bristol, bring back the witches. We NEED the witches.)