Monday, October 7, 2013


This tall, lanky young man is my son Bridger. He loves music; listening to it, and playing it, and learning about it. He plays the guitar, tuba, and trumpet. He wishes he could try the bass.  (I wish he would try drums and then teach me.) He loves skateboarding with his friends, and playing video games.  Bridger has a big heart, and seems to always watch out for me. He carries things that are heavy, and wants to steady me on rocky ground when we're hiking, and comforts me with lots of hugs and "I love yous." Bridge likes to laugh, and we share the same irreverent sense of humor. He idolizes his big sister and brother. We are very lucky this guy came into our family nearly sixteen years ago.

When Bridge was a baby and just learning to talk, he found his name to be quite a mouthful. His name is Bridger Waters. Whenever he said it, it came out Boo Boo Adu.  So that became his nickname, and like any nickname, it had a way of evolving over the years.  We have always called him some version of Boo.

Now that Bridge has grown up, you might think we should shorten his nickname to B. It seems more mature. Perhaps, and when I'm writing his name, I usually shorten it to B., but even Bridger will tell you his nickname is Boo. His siblings call him Boo. His dad calls him Boo. I call him Boo.

While we were shopping this weekend, there was a PLETHORA of Halloween decorations in every store.  I told Bridge that whenever I see the word BOO, I never say it like this:
I just never think of BOO in a scary way because it is the name of one of the nicest people I know.  

Boo and I were talking about his nickname a few days ago, and I mentioned that I knew Boo Maddox when I was growing up. He was the cutest little kid. Everybody loved Boo. When he grew up, he became a real estate agent. I'm sure his business cards carry his name, Boo Maddox. That is his name, after all.

Bridger mentioned Boo Radley, of How to Kill a Mockingbird fame.  "I'll try not to stab you to death with a pair of scissors, though." See? I told you; this kid loves me.

He puts up with my being his personal paparazzi, but draws the line at bringing my camera into the high school.  "Not everyone understands the way you like to take pictures, Shrink."  (Both of my boys call me Shrink, a nickname my 26 year old gave me when he was in high school.)

This is my Boo.  I love his nickname.  I love who he is. I love what he does.  I love my Boo.

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