Sunday, February 12, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Furever Home

By now, you have probably figured out that Chuck and I ended up adopting TWO puppies; male and female; his and hers. Everybody wins! And two puppies found their furever homes, and will no longer have to wait at Anderson Animal Shelter, hoping someone picks them.

Meet Chuck's little Samwise Gamgee (Sam), and my little Bristol.

Chuck had planned a Saturday date for us over a week ago. He wanted to drive into Chicago to take pictures of the spring flower show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and finally take me to the free zoo there. 

Friday was a sleepless night for me; I was so worried Mercury, the puppy I ACCIDENTALLY FELL IN LOVE with, wouldn't be at the shelter when we made our final decision. Saturday morning, it was decided: we would each get a puppy! 

After breakfast, Chuck asked if I were still wanting to go to Chicago. Since the shelter didn't open until 11:00 anyway, I figured it would be a good way to pass the time because I could hardly wait to get my baby boy! Just to cover my bases, I sent an email to the staff before the shelter even opens to "reserve" my puppy, and asked if they had time to please call me if he were still available so I could quit worrying about him.

On our drive to Chicago, I got a phone call from Anderson Animal Shelter. Yes, Mercury was still available, and yes, we could come pick him up on our way home. Those people understand dog people! I felt like I was going to burst from all of the happiness. 

One of the few large animals out for viewing. 

We walked around the conservatory, and the zoo. I took a few pictures, but not as many as I normally would. Chuck teased me, asking if I were a little preoccupied. Oh, was I ever! Finally, he offered to leave Chicago earlier so we could pick up our puppies. I leapt at the chance!

Look how Sam adores him already.

On the way to Elgin, Illinois, we discussed possible names for our pups. My big galoot of a puppy and Chuck's little female couldn't have just ANY name. I came up with Bristol for mine, referencing the Bristol Renaissance Faire where Chuck and I have enjoyed spending so many summer days. (This summer will be a little different with two puppies; we will have much less time away from home because they will depend on us for so much for awhile.) Chuck loves Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and chose Samwise Gamgee for his puppy's name. We will call her Sam or Sami. 

First stop: Anderson Animal Shelter in Elgin to pick up Bristol.

Second stop: Anderson Animal Shelter's new adoption center in North Aurora.

We had a crazy time shopping for dog food with our little ones in tow, and listening to two puppies whining in the back of the car in their crate on the way home. Sami just whines a little; Bristol has quite a set of pipes on him when he decides to wail. 

How did we ever get our work done without the help of canines before?

Our night was spent getting to know our charges better, playing outside, going for a walk, cuddling on the couch, and then trying to edit pictures from our last shoot. 

The puppies are brother and sister already. They play together. They fight over toys. And they share sleeping quarters. We had an uneventful night, without any wailing or whining. They both groggily got up at 1:00 when we took them out for a potty break, and then they slept until 4:00 when I took them out for my first solo walk with them in the backyard. 

We know raising two young dogs will come with its challenges, but I am so glad we have them both. Sweet, smart Sami helps Bristol calm down when it's time for the crate. They will have a constant companion in each other. They have found their furever home with us. I could not be any happier.

Bristol is a cuddler.

Many of our friends have speculated about Bristol's DNA. If you're curious about our little Pit bull mix, you can read about his funny little mama, that I actually met at the shelter, and you can see what YOU think he is...HERE.


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