Saturday, February 11, 2017

PUPPY TALES: All Bets Are Off

My heart is so full. Last night Chuck and I visited two different adoption centers run by Anderson Animal Shelter, and we cuddled puppies, and played fetch with them, and tried to decide our next step in our puppy adventure.

Did I mention I love puppies?

You know I promised I would go, just to hold the puppy I fell in love with, and NOT bring him home last night. I stuck to my word. 

As we left, I was so proud of myself.

"See, I was able to leave him there. And I didn't even cry."

"You didn't even whimper," Chuck said.

But my heart was a little heavier leaving my smooshy-faced puppy at the shelter. Did I say "MY?" We're in trouble.

We were on our way to another shelter, located a couple of towns over. Chuck had his eye on a little Lab mix puppy we had seen a couple nights ago.

"Julie" was adorable. She scampered after the balls we threw, and brought them back to the one of us who had thrown it. She was smart. When Chuck picked her up, she gave him kisses before she scrambled out of his arms to play with her litter mates.

We discussed the pros and cons of each puppy. This was hard. I was so in love with Mercury that I could hardly talk about the merits of Julie, even though there were many. 

So today will be decision day. Which puppy will come home with us? Will it be Julie, the smart little black Lab puppy that is already showing signs of being a great retriever? Or will it be Mercury, the big galoot of a mutt, who loved to cuddle and cavort after balls, but wasn't too keen on the returning portion of retrieving?

Chuck asked me what Mercury whispered in my ear before we left. So I told him.

"Take me hooome.  Don't leave me here." 

Sigh. I hated to let baby Mercury down last night, but I promised my husband I wouldn't adopt a puppy last night. 

Today, all bets are off. 

Are you wondering how this story ends? You can read about our dog adventure HERE.


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  1. Ha I love this! I can't wait to hear what you two decide.

    1. It has been an adventure of ups and downs. I couldn't even sleep last night, wondering how this was all going to end! My dream came true, and Chuck's did, too!


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