Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are You Pinterested in a Carb-Free, Gluten-Free Bread?

Cloud bread is a nice option for anyone wanting a carb-free, gluten-free bread substitute.
My Pinterest boards runneth over. Often, I pin recipes and DIY household tips to try later. Many of my "pins to try" have been put on the back burner the last couple of months. I'd been battling a cold that was wearing out its welcome, and then, just when I started feeling better, we got the puppies. 

While most of my pins lately are about puppy training and housebreaking, many of my older ones are recipes, and DIY tips for organizing and cleaning. 

So on an unseasonably warm February day, while Bristol and Sam lay around the kitchen chewing on their Nylabones, I decided to give Cloud bread a try. It is essentially a carb-free, gluten-free bread substitute.

Bristol captured my heart at the animal shelter with those baby blues.

You may know that Chuck is not keen on trying new foods. You may not know that he has diabetes. We're always on the lookout for ways to cut back carbs in his food. This Cloud recipe seemed simple enough, but would Chuck like it?

I was trying to keep the ingredients under wraps, for reasons that will be apparent to you soon.

The batter was easy to whip up, and then I just poured out 10 buns on a baking pan.

Here is how our texting went:

Is it cotton candy? That Chuck. Such a joker. Sometimes I must test his patience with my kitchen experiments, but he seems to hang on to his sense of humor, which I suppose encourages me a bit. 

After my Cloud bread came out of the oven, I found a reader's tip to eliminate the sweetener (I used stevia), and replace it with garlic salt to make the buns savory instead of slightly sweet. I would have loved that substitution. Next time!

Chuck had requested Sloppy Joe Turnovers for dinner, and since we're trying to cut back on carbs, instead of putting the sloppy joe mix in croissants, he used his thin-sliced bread, and I used a Cloud bun. I liked the new recipe. Chuck had a bite of mine, and said it wasn't bad. (He never said it was good, though. I might have to tweak this recipe a little bit to see if I can up the yummy factor for him.)

If you are trying to eat low-carb, or have gluten intolerance, you might want to try Cloud bread, also known as Oopsie or Whoopsie bread. Here's Gillian Spence's recipe for Cloud bread HERE

And for those of you following the puppies, here are some gratuitous puppy pictures. (11 weeks old, February 21/22, 2017)

Starting the day with puppy cuddles is the best!

I wonder how long these guys will fit in my lap.
Sigh. I just love them.

Their ears fascinate me. And make me giggle a little.

Bristol is a natural "heeler." From the second time he wore a leash, he walked to the left of my knee. He may balk a bit, but
once he starts moving forward, he is the best little walker out there.
Not the sharpest pic, but picture-proof Sami can heel. She is making such great progress, and she's only 11 weeks old.
Walking her has been so challenging until these last couple of days. We're so happy she's catching on.
Waiting for Dad to come play.

Here's hoping I can find a low-carb bread option for Chuck that won't end up with this reaction.


  1. I've seen this dozens of times and was a "what people will do" sort of way, lol. I do know a couple of people with Celiac so I know the value, but it seemed like it would be such an unlikely substitute for bread! Now I'm curious what it tastes and feels like...

    1. The taste is mild, which is why I want to try garlic and herbs, and it is quite soft for a bread. I love hearty, whole-grain bread, and this cannot ever live up to that. It is a good transporter of sandwich fixings, though.


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