Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PUPPY TALES: The Best Part of Waking Up

What's the best part of waking up? You know what the old Folger's commercial says: "The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup." For years, I have enjoyed a hot cup of coffee as I move through my morning routine of reading, praying, and writing. 

Since the puppies arrived, just about the only hot coffee I've had has been that first sip on any given day. Somehow, the cup ends up cooling on the counter, while I sit on the floor with a lap full of puppies as soon as we come in from our 4:00 potty break when Bristol and Sami first wake up. I don't like to put the puppies back in their crate since I'm up for the day, and they aren't awake for too long anyway. 

This morning the coffee maker was gurgling away when I had the best idea ever. I had been sitting cross-legged on the vinyl floor with Sam on my lap, and Bristol on top of Sam when it occurred to me: we could sit on the couch! They were calm and drowsy, so I grabbed my fresh cup of coffee and their leashes, and they followed me into the living room.

At this very moment, I have two precious puppies nestled on either side of me on the brown corduroy couch. Sami is practically on her back, with her head resting against my thigh, and Bristol is curled up on the other side, breathing softly on his tummy. This is so much better than supervising the rough-housing that usually ensues when we come back inside. I'm in heaven.

I've finished my coffee, which was warm to the last drop. I have to say that these days, the best part of waking up is warm puppies in my lap, and hot coffee in my cup.


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