Thursday, February 16, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Is the Honeymoon Over?

Yesterday morning started out well enough. In between puppy feedings, walks, potty breaks, and playtime, I managed to do my yoga, cuddle with Bristol and Sam, spend a little time reading, and I even met a friend at the Limestone coffee shop to talk about writing. It was a nice, productive morning.

By yesterday afternoon, though, I hit a wall. I was exhausted. 

Our puppies pee after they wake up, and after they eat, and after they play, and after they have gone out for potty breaks. Yikes. Most of the time we make it outside in time. But yesterday...

It seemed every time I turned around, someone had left a puddle of puppy pee for me to mop up. There were puddles on the kitchen floor, and wet blankets in the dog crate after naps. 

I could hardly wait for Chuck to get home. When he walked in the door, after he greeted the leaping puppies, I said, "Welcome home! Adult human interaction; what a relief." I had flashbacks to when my babies were newborns, and the days seemed full of diapers, feedings, and laundry, and the nights seemed endless. Could the puppy love honeymoon be over? 

After we took the puppies for a walk, we had quiet time. I ended up with two sleepy puppies on the couch while Chuck edited pictures, and then Sam joined Chuck in the office while I cuddled with Bristol. Feeling his soft puppy breath on my chest was calming. 

Today we've only had one accident, but things got a little crazy when I wanted to take a quick nap in the afternoon. I'd just taken the dogs outside, so I figured I'd picked a good time. I was wrong. 

Bristol started crying to go outside. (Yes, there's a different cry for that.) I got up. He went out and peed. Yay. I lay back down. Sami cried to go outside. I got back up. She went outside and peed. Yay. I lay back down, and the timer went off to remind me to take the puppies out for a potty break. Ugh. 

When I got them both settled, I lay down again, only to have them start barking at each other. I growled my fierce, loud growl, and they both fell silent. Then they went to sleep. And so did I.

When I woke up, the house was so peaceful. There was no barking. No whining. No fighting. Just soft music playing in the background. It was blissful. 

I wanted to go write, but I wanted to not wake up puppies even more. So I laid there. I was being held hostage by Team Chaos. Finally, my bladder spoke up, and I knew if I were going to enjoy the quiet any longer, I'd have to employ my ninja stealth moves to avoid the creaky floorboard in the kitchen. I made it as far as washing my hands in the bathroom, and they both woke up. I knew it couldn't last. We headed out to the backyard for a break.

So is the puppy love honeymoon over? Perhaps, but replacing my infatuation with these little guys is a love that helps me keep going. Raising puppies is a labor of love. Our day-to-day lives are moving us toward our dream of having two dogs in our home who love us, and go for walks with us, and want to be with us. I have to keep the big picture in mind. We are moving from the honeymoon phase into the real life phase, and we know there will be ups and downs, and highs and lows. I am still so grateful we have Bristol and Sam. 

We're going to get this housebreaking thing figured out. (Obedience classes start next week!) Stay tuned for more Puppy Tales...  

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  1. They both have the cutest faces. I'm worn out just reading about the potty training.

    1. I love hearing from you. We're going to survive this!


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