Monday, December 19, 2016

Mighty Nice

Chuck and I have this bad habit of buying things for each other, and giving the gifts before the day of celebration, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. Then as the special day approaches, we scramble to find something for each other to open.

Not even 24 hours after we bought our Christmas coats, and Chuck was lamenting that since we already wore them home from the store in the snowstorm, there wouldn't be any gifts for me to open under the Christmas tree.

"Chuck, you have made it possible for us to fly to Utah for the holidays, and I will get to spend Christmas with all of my kids. There is NOTHING you could put under the Christmas tree that could compare to that gift."

He looked up, and then said, "Well, that was mighty nice of me."

I just put my head down on the counter, and laughed.

Yes, that was mighty nice of him, but what's even nicer than nice is Chuck came up with a fun Christmas gift for my kids that makes my heart so happy; airline tickets to come to Chicago for a long weekend getaway in January. Treating ourselves to a visit from the kids will be our big gift to each other, and the tickets are our gifts to the kids. A mighty nice gift from a mighty nice man.

Counting down the sleeps until I get to have all of us together again.


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