Thursday, December 15, 2016

Brace Yourselves

Brace yourselves, friends. Winter is coming to the northern hemisphere. Okay, technically, the winter solstice isn't for a few more days, but I think most would agree that the winter weather is officially here, especially in the Midwest.

Over the weekend, we went to my favorite resale shop in Geneva, to look for winter coats. Chuck has never had a heavy-duty winter coat, and while I have quite a collection of jackets, I did not have a warm coat. 

Hi-Hat Consignment Shop had several options for me. I was having a tough time deciding between a red wool J.G. Hook, so similar to the beautiful London Fog coat I had inherited from Grandma that finally succumbed to the moths, and a Lands' End down coat, which would be much more practical, but three times the price of the wool one. 

"Which coat do you want?" Chuck asked. "Not which one is the prettiest, or the cheapest. Which one do you really want?"

While I loved the red wool coat because of sentimental reasons, I had to admit it was more stylish than practical. The down coat would keep me toasty, no matter what I wore under it, and it wasn't ugly. The decision was made; I chose the down coat. 

Chuck's Columbia jacket was perfect for sledding at the park.

So we bought each other "new to us" coats for Christmas. (Chuck chose a Columbia ski parka.) I have to say that my faux-fur trimmed coat filled with down is the nicest coat I've ever had, and it was more than 60% off retail! 

The Bennorths think we are finally ready for the brutally cold winter in Illinois. We consider ourselves braced. 

Stay warm, my friends.

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