Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingerbread: A Holiday Tradition

My daughter was telling me that it is time for her to make her gingerbread house for Christmas. I've never made a gingerbread house without a kit, and for the last two years, Sierra has done a great job making her own. I'm pretty proud of her. Maybe she'll let us help decorate her gingerbread house when we all get together this weekend.

Sisi inherited her Granddaddy's Garlic Lovers' apron. Both of them like baking gingerbread.

If the reigning flavor of fall was pumpkin spice, the flavor of Christmas must be gingerbread spice. Have you noticed how Gingerbread-everything has taken over the store shelves this month? I have.

I've been craving gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, ginger snaps, and ginger ale. If I gave in to all of these cravings, I would be in trouble. (In two days, I will reveal the results of my month of not turning to food for comfort.) So I have found ways to satisfy my desires without wrecking my healthier eating.

Luckily, there is diet ginger ale and gingerbread-flavored tea. Celestial Seasonings gingerbread spice tea tastes like Christmas in a cup. I have consumed gallons of gingery drinks in the last several weeks. Gallons.

This morning, long before dawn, I decided to start my holiday baking. You might think I'm crazy to tempt myself with homemade goodies, but so far, so good. A friend is coming over for coffee tomorrow, and Chuck signed up for holiday bread for their luncheon at work. These were just the excuses I needed to busy myself in the kitchen.

Today was the day to try this tantalizing holiday recipe, Gingerbread Loaf, shared by Amy on her blog  Her picture alone makes me drool.

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By 5:30, the house was fragrant with the aromas of Christmas: cinnamon, molasses, allspice, and ginger. Amy's blog includes a recipe for a glaze topping, but the bread is plenty sweet without it. 

No, I'm not being paid to endorse this tea; it's just reeeally good.
Thought you'd want to know.

Yes, I sampled a small slice of gingerbread loaf. It was wonderful. Before I dive into any more bread, I'm going to head off this little craving with some yummy gingerbread spice tea. That should do the trick!

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