Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No More Comfort Zone

Some days I don't know if I'm DARING GREATLY à la Brené Brown, or just simply casting all caution to the wind with a "devil may care" attitude. I'm living again; that's the point. The numbness is gone. That "frozen to the face" feeling rock climbers get when the next move seems impossible is no longer dogging me at every turn. The fear in my life has been replaced by enthusiasm. 

Surely there is a happy medium, and I think I'm on my way to finding it, but for now, the risk-taking invigorates me. I no longer wake up, fraught with worry or anxiety. Throwing back the covers, I hustle in to the kitchen, fire up the Keurig, and wonder what fear I will face down today.

There've been little fears, and big ones. Loneliness. Meeting new people. Ending retirement. Medical issues. Finding a job. Planning a trip. Dating. Joining the gym. Pushing myself physically. 

There is no stone going unturned it seems. I will no longer accept the unacceptable. I'm not willing to put up with situations that are uncomfortable, boring, or lonely. I'm in control of how I feel, and I am taking a pro-active approach to my life.

My best friend since junior high sent me a card of encouragement, and the gift of this refrigerator magnet, which I have taken on as a daily mantra.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Thank you, Lynn. Your support has always been unwavering.

Comfort or courage? I ask myself. It seems as though every time I start to get a little too comfy in my life, there is another tough choice to be made. I try to think it through, and make the best decision I can, rather than putting it on the back burner to contend with later, delaying decisions, and therefore, progress. 

Gone are the days of staring into the canyon, mulling over what I saw as very limiting options. Once I was able to RELEASE MY EXPECTATIONS and let go of my attachment to the outcome, my life began exceeding the limiting view I'd previously held. 

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," I remind myself. Where before I may have held back, kept myself in check, or simply avoided emotional discomfort, I now find myself pushing the envelope, testing the water, looking for the next opportunity for growth.

It helps to be surrounded by a cadre of friends who encourage my growth, who have set the bar high in pursuing dreams of their own. We challenge each other in our thinking, and thereby, our actions. They seem like such simple things now, this daring greatly, and leaning into the discomfort. I used to be so afraid of being uncomfortable, but now I see that for growth to occur, for progress to be made, we have to push through those moments to come out on the other side, where all the good stuff is just waiting for us. 

My circle of friends has grown to include strong women and encouraging men who have helped me grow and see my potential. I see myself differently now. As I push past my comfort zone, I find I am much more comfortable with myself, which may seem a contradiction, but until you've tried it, you may not understand the connection. I have hope now. And I have every reason to believe that my life is about to get better than I ever dared to imagine. Life. Is. Good.

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