Sunday, June 8, 2014

Run Because You Can


Run with the confidence
that comes from being loved.
Run away from the confusion
and the noise.
Run toward the peace that comes
from giving your best.
Run through the pain
and loneliness.
Run with the memories
of your heart.
Run beyond the boundaries
your mind tells you are there.

Run for those who can't;
for those who wish they could,
and for those who never will.


-Denise Jackson

Photo credit: KaTrina Anderson

A fun day with the girls. Here we are
BEFORE the race, and BEFORE the color.

Love this woman. Thank you for peer-pressuring us all to run with you. Well, technically, I ran BEHIND you, but that's just so you know, "I've got your back."

Getting colored before the race.
Tucking a phone under my shirt didn't protect it from the colors,
but it was worth a shot. This old hiker isn't much of a runner,
but I managed to run more than half of the 5K. Go, me!

Why do I run?

Why would a non-runner run a 5K? I run for family members. I run for lifelong friends. I run for friends I've never met. And I run for myself, not that I am a cancer survivor, but because cancer has touched my life, and I want to try to make a difference.

I ran in memory of Grandma and Grandpa, and others in my life I have known and loved. I ran in support of my friends, who are fighting the good fight, and continue to live as survivors and heroes.

Corey, Leslie, Tania, Dillon, Elisabeth, Yuriko, Erin, Victoria... you inspire us all with your lives. Thank you for giving the world a reason to believe in heroes.


  1. looking forward to meeting you - friend of Laura that Jan is raving about = ) ... Michele

    1. Hello, Michele! I look forward to meeting YOU, too! Thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Melinda. So good to hear from you. Miss seeing you around.

  3. Good for you! What an accomplishment! And what a nice post - did you write the poem at the beginning? It's lovely!

    1. Yes, Dawn. I wrote it for a friend who is a long distance runner who was battling cancer a few years ago. I'm happy to say she is still a runner, and surviving and thriving.


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