Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yoga Pants

A childhood friend has started calling me "Yoga Pants." I didn't understand her reference, until yesterday when she told me about Tim Hawkins' funny song on YouTube. This guy makes me laugh. Just imagining his wearing his wife's yoga pants entertains me.

I love my yoga pants. The long ones are good for cold, winter days, and the capris are perfect for warm, summer days. I wear them for everything: Zumba, walking, hiking, movie watching, house cleaning, and, this morning, YOGA! 

The fabric is soft, and hugs my body without the encumbrance of zippers or pockets. They're forgiving after Thanksgiving Dinner, and will stay up on my hips if I'm losing weight, allowing me to postpone clothes shopping a little longer. I'm glad to say that is finally becoming an issue. A little Lycra goes a long way to keep this girl happy.

When I glanced at the clock this morning, it was 5:35. My writing wasn't going well, and I was looking for any excuse to not write. The yoga class at my gym would be starting in 10 minutes. It takes me 10 minutes to drive to town. Of course, I was already in my yoga pants, so I hustled, brushing my teeth, slipping my feet into my sandals, and grabbing my jacket. 

They had already started when I got there, of course, and this time, in the comfort of the darkness, I placed my yoga mat near the front so I could actually hear the instructor's directions. At one point, we were told to widen our stance, and place our heads on our blocks. One problem. I hadn't bothered to get a block. So I attempted to place my head on the floor. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen without my also doing a poorly executed somersault. Out of nowhere, a block slid toward me from behind me. A friend had taken pity on me in the semi-darkness of the room.

Breathing is so critical, and yoga always reminds me how much I hold my breath. Being aware of our breath is something that is conducive to living in the moment. When we are in tune with our bodies, it is easier to focus on the now, without letting our minds wander to worry or fret over details.

I'm so glad I went. My body is already thanking me for stretching, and trying something new at the gym. Now that I finally tackled my writing, I'll reward myself with a morning walk, before the heat becomes unbearable.


  1. Love this, Denise! I have been thinking about a yoga class too...I really need to get into the habit of purposely stretching and not just making my exercise all cardio.

  2. You make me want yoga pants! Hahahahahaha!

    1. Yoga pants are probably too hot for Belize!

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