Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Creature of Habit

It is so easy to become a creature of habit. Before we realize what's happening, our lives become routine, and oh, so predictable. 

Roll out of bed, start the Keurig, grab the ice pack for my back, settle into the recliner with my laptop, write, sip coffee, write some more. Go to the gym. Tidy up the house... Before I know it, I've blown through my morning without giving a thought to living in the moment. Going through the motions is so different than living life with intention.

Lately, even though so many exciting things are taking place in my life, I have noticed a complacency in my attitude. I'm missing some of the vigor and excitement that should be mine as I enjoy this last bit of my waning retirement. This morning as I reflected over my daily routine, I realized the routine was missing something essential: setting an intention for the day.

Think of an intention as a theme for each moment of your day. By keeping our purpose in the back of our minds, we allow ourselves to live in the now more fully. Whether we choose mindfulness, love, compassion, appreciation, or some other elevating thought, we give ourselves an opportunity to live our lives more aware, and thereby, with a larger sense of purpose.

Why not shake things up a bit by setting an intention for your day? If you've never set an intention, there are some suggestions for INTENTIONAL LIVING in this link. 

For today, this creature of habit is going to set an intention. I plan to focus on mindfulness. It seems a good place to start since it has been some time since I have given this daily ritual any thought. And, as always, my value will be courage. Courageously mindful. Mindfully courageous. 

What will your intention be today? 

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