Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finding the Sacredness in this Moment

Living in the now is more about dwelling in the possibilities of the moment before us than it is about throwing caution to the wind, giving no thought to the consequences of our actions. If we can immerse ourselves in the present, and let go of our regrets and worries, our lives become more rich and complete. Each day ends with a sense of satisfaction as we become more aware of what is most important to us.

I love this quote from Eckhart Tolle:
"There is sacredness in everything you perceive when you are present. The more you live in the Now, the more you sense the simple yet profound joy of Being and the sacredness of all life."

Our challenge is focusing on each moment as it comes, enjoying it for what it is, a gift of time. In each moment there are blessings to be discovered, if we are able to discern what is uniquely available to us in the now. Is there a lesson to be learned? A task to be completed? A sensation to be savored? A sacrifice to be made? A relationship to be nurtured? 

It is so easy to get caught up in multi-tasking, fracturing our focus on more than one activity or person at a time. The results are not always pleasant when we are distracted or consumed with worry.

When I find myself overcome with sadness or anxiety, I know that my mind is not where it should be. At times like those, I know I am either lost in thoughts about the past, or worrying about the unknown. It takes practice to bring my thoughts to this moment in time, but every time I do, I find the hidden gifts available to me. I cannot rewrite the past, and I cannot control the future.

We all have the ability to let go of regrets and fears by bringing our thoughts back to where we are right here, right now. We allow ourselves to live with joy and freedom when we focus on the present.

You only have today. Dwell in this moment. Let go of the past. Tomorrow will take care of itself. This moment is all you really have. Live and love wholeheartedly, without fear or reservation.

What will you do with the gift of your day?

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