Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Excuse the Mess

My little house was overtaken by suitcases, hydration packs, flipflops, hiking shoes, quilts, dog toys, and a Great Dane named Hans last weekend. All of my kids came home, at the same time. The house was a mess, and dishes didn't always get done right away, and beds were rumpled, and blankets left wherever Hans decided to drop them after tossing them around. Believe it or not, I was able to immerse myself in the moment, and just enjoy the chaos that family life leaves behind in its wake.

Each morning, I would survey the shoes lined up on either side of the door, appreciative of the thoughtfulness that represented. 
I fought the urge to tidy up, to put away, to restore order, and I simply enjoyed the moment we were all together. The important thing was time together, not organization, this weekend. Finally, I'm learning to relax when that is the thing to do.

The weekend took me back to an earlier time, when my children were little, and the house was in a constant state of disarray. Back then, it was hard, but I tolerated a messier house than that with which I was comfortable. 



As I peeked into my kitchen, there was evidence of yummy meals, backpacking paraphernalia, and lot and lots of water jugs. I have strong, healthy kids who lead active lives, and try hard to take care of themselves. 
Before they left, everyone made beds, the floors were vacuumed, and belongings were hauled away to waiting vehicles. Order was restored, and my home was mine once again.
And do you know what? I will take my house full of kids and laughter and chaos any day over having everything neat and tidy. I miss them all, and look forward to their next visit already.


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