Saturday, June 21, 2014

Randomocity Road Trip 2014


Knowing we had hours and hours of travel to endure across the desert of Nevada, we decided to leave as the sun was going down. Once we reached Delta, Utah, it would've been easy to just put the car on auto-pilot, and head west. Oh, if only there were such a thing. 

Bless Bridger's heart, he did most of the night driving. When I woke up at one point, I asked him what I'd missed.

"Well, I've had time to listen to all 246 Indie songs on my iPod so far, and there was a straight stretch of road that lasted about 57 miles, and there was a big dip in the road, and then there were two little ones pretty close together." At that moment, Bridger let out a mild, "Woo-hoo" when there was a slight curve in the road. "You've gotta take time to enjoy the little things, no matter how microscopically small." The glow of the dashboard revealed his impish grin. Ah, the joys of driving across the endless desert in the middle of the night. 

We were on our way to Mendocino, California to meet my new friends, Tonia, her sister Sparrow, and Roslynn. Tonia has a son Bridger's age, and we thought the boys could go do what boys do, while we kept busy doing what we do: talk, write, and take pictures.

It has been a weekend of indulgences, doing things I wouldn't ordinarily do. Stay up late, sleep in past sunrise, walk along the shore, dine in fancy restaurants, enjoy the early morning fog, sit around the many simple pleasures. I even ate fish and chips, which might not seem strange considering we're on the coast, but as a rule, I don't do fried food. It was wonderful. "When in Rome..."

I can't wait to see what we get into today. Every day here has felt like such a gift.

The view from my bed in the loft. It's like sleeping in a treehouse.

Watching the early morning fog rise from the coniferous trees across the road.

Yes, it's true. I met the Lorax. "He speaks for the trees," you know.

Late night around the fire pit.
I could get used to this.


  1. This. This is absolutely lovely...both the events/convos and your representation of it all. :-D

    1. Thanks, Ros, for everything...the meals out, the chauffeuring, the visits...

  2. I will give you a key to your forever "home away from home."

    1. This has been delightful! I have enjoyed this getaway as much as any vacation I've ever had. So many delights, so many pleasures...

  3. you guys look like you're having the best time!


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