Monday, June 9, 2014

Love Over Fear

Choosing love over fear. What a concept. And yet, isn't fear our natural response, unless we are mindful that we actually have a choice? Isn't that our default move when confronting a challenging "opportunity?"

By GIVING OUR WORDS A VOICE, we empower ourselves to face life's challenges with grace and dignity. I know for a long time, I believed that there was a negative connotation in making my voice heard. I've come to understand that if I seek peace daily, and come from a loving place in myself when I speak, conversations deepen, understanding grows, and the communication that takes place is liberating.

There may be an appropriate time and place for clenched fists, tightened jaws, ranting, and shouting, but I haven't had to resort to that. Those outcomes are what I feared had to take place to make myself heard. The people in my life who care about me respond well to a soft voice and an open heart.

We always have a choice when we respond or react. Knowing that, wouldn't we all do well to choose love? Love seems to me to be the pro-active choice; fear, the reactive. When life's challenges come our way, if we want to control our reactions to them, making love our intention seems to be the better choice. Every time we allow the fear to overtake us, we lose. We will never be able to control other people or the events of our lives, but we can always determine how we will respond to them. I'm sticking with love. Choosing love makes sense when nothing else does.


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