Sunday, April 30, 2017


The technical term for when puppies wildly run around all over the place is Frenetic Random Activity Periods, a.k.a. FRAPs, but we don't use the technical term. What Bristol and Sami get is the zoomies nearly every single night before and after their dinner time.

There are no pictures to document this phenomena. It usually occurs after a long day of puppy play in the living room, and the house is a fright. I'm sure you can imagine it; chew toys and towels and rags strewn all over the floor. Blankets on the couches, and boxes on one sofa and chair to discourage any puppy play on those. The lighting and fast action would challenge my photographic abilities.

Usually when Sami is getting a drink of water in the kitchen, Bristol will stealthily  creep to where the carpet meets the vinyl, and there he waits. As soon as Sami rounds the corner, and sees his crouching position, she revs into high gear, Bristol turns on a dime, and the chase begins, tearing across the carpet, banking off of the sofa, followed by a dead run through the hallway, colliding with the backdoor, and a hasty retreat back to the living room where the a black and silver blur repeat the whole sequence, over and over and over. 

We have had so many days of rain here in the Midwest; it's a little discouraging. I would prefer to take the zoomies outside when the puppies get wound up, but that has not been an option lately, with all of the mud and water outside. So round and round they go, barking and growling, having a grand old time.

Now that the "April showers" are over, (please, please, please, let them be over since April is officially off the calendar), we can look forward to zoomies taking place outdoors again, as soon as the backyard dries out anyway.

At this moment, our pre-dinner show, also known as Zoomies Round One, has ended, and I have two sleeping puppies on the couch with me. I don't even want to wake them for their supper because I know what comes next: Zoomies Round Two. For the time being, I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie, and enjoy the peace and quiet as long as it lasts.  

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