Friday, April 28, 2017

X-tra Memes

You may not realize this, but the previous 23 blog titles have been presented in alphabetical order, A-W. There is a national blogging event every April, Blogging from A-Z, and although I am not an official participant, I am participating unofficially. Obviously, I selected our puppies as my theme. 

Here's the thing. I've done the A-Z Blogging Challenge a couple of times, and my hat's off to anyone who comes up with legitimate titles for the X and Z letters. I admit, I usually go for something hokey, like X is for X-uberant and Z is for Zee End, because let's face it, unless I had named one of my puppies Xerxes or Zeus, or one of them had had an experience with a xylophone or zebra, the titles would have been a stretch with the puppy theme anyway. 

So instead of an X-cellent or X-citing title, I'm going to give you some X-tra memes today.

You're welcome. 

I've had lots of fun this month writing about Sam and Bristol, and I thank those of you who've hung in with me to see what they're up to. Tomorrow will be easy with the letter Y. Believe it or not, I actually found a word that works Z, too. Curious? Check back with me on Monday; you'll see. 

Without further adieu...the memes.

This sparked a lot of controversy among the math wizards in my family. Apparently, I reversed the formula for dog years to human years. I'm a writer, not a mathematician. Just nod and smile, and move on to the next one. It won't bother you if you don't put too much thought into it. It works for me. I still think this is funny as heck. 

If this makes no sense, you can check out this YOUTUBE link to find out the ridiculous social phenomenon
from which this developed on Dr. Phil's show. 

Look how versatile I am. I can even do cat memes. I'm so versatile, I can do TWO cat memes.
This is my grandcat, by the way. Introducing LUDO, my daughter's pretty kitty.

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