Friday, April 7, 2017

Fair Weather, Friends!

Gloom and doom, rain and wind, mud and mess. I know I've done more than my share of complaining about this rainy spring weather we've had, but we've had a couple days this week of beautiful fair weather, and it has my spirit soaring!

It has been so nice to go outside without jackets and umbrellas. Okay, it's been nice to go outside. PERIOD. The yard isn't a mudbog, the floors stay cleaner, and the puppies get exercise (which means I get exercise). The dogs seem happier, which means I'm happier. 

Fair weather makes me think of FAIRE weather which makes me think of all of our friends at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Yes, I named my puppy Bristol in honor of the place Chuck and I think is the real "Happiest Place on Earth." (No offense, Disneyland fans.) I can hardly wait until faire season starts in July. 

This is his "why-did-you-take-my-treat-away-to-take-another-picture" look.

Fair weather makes me think of fair-weather friends, of which I have few, thankfully. My friends, old and new, have always been so supportive and caring. I moved 2,300 miles away from my high school friends in Virginia to go to college in Utah, and then I moved 1,400 miles away my friends and family in Utah to marry Chuck in Illinois. Through the years, and across the miles, I have been blessed with very, very good friends.

Susan and I met for coffee this morning at our favorite coffee shop, The Arcedium in Saint Charles.
She just published her first book, and gave us a signed copy. I'm so thankful for her friendship.
P.S. Tiny Bird is available on Amazon HERE.

This fair weather makes me grateful for the circumstances under which I live. I'm married to the kindest, gentleman I've ever known. We have amazing kids, and the cutest little grandson. I have a wonderful support system in my circle of women. I have so much love for all of these people, and I have been blessed by the love of many. I'm so happy we adopted our puppies Bristol and Sam. 

I'm also really grateful for you. Yes, you, for taking the time to check in here every once in awhile, and read about the comings and goings of our lives. Even if you're just here for the puppy pictures; I'm very glad you're here.

These days of sunshine and blue skies will help get me through the inevitable rainy days to come. I see a couple of storms in our forecast next week; I know we can't avoid them, but until they arrive, let's just enjoy this fair weather, friends!


  1. This post radiates good feelings. I found it very uplifting and a timely reminder to be grateful for everything good. Thank you.

    1. Thank YOU, Valerie! I hope you are enjoying your month of A-Z. I'm learning things I'd never heard of in your Catalan writings.

  2. Wow that's hard to move 1,400 miles away from your home and leave friends. We moved 250 miles north, from my home of origin and my best friends. - since then 2 of them have passed. I know some nice people here, but no best friends and I doubt if I will ever have such quality in friendship. So I have, my husband - my animals and my adult kids who drop by now and then. As an introvert, I am content - but I do at times miss my old friends and my old social life.

    1. I'm grateful I'm married to my best friend, and after two years, I'm developing a wonderful friendship with another writing friend nearby. I never realized how challenging making a good friend can be. People have been friendly to me, but it was hard to find a friendship that clicked. I, too, miss my old friends.


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