Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mama Llama Lloves You. LLOTS.

Chuck was concerned that he hadn't purchased a Mother's Day gift for me. He needn't have worried; he gave me the best gift of all by making it possible for me to spend Mother's Day weekend with my children. What more could a mom want, except maybe a professional portrait to commemorate the event? Since he made sure I got that, too, I think it's safe to say he didn't need to buy me a present.

Mostly, I want for nothing, so my kids seem to find wonderful ways to spoil me. Dylan loaded me up with a wonderful set of Tupperware bowls and lids; he knows I'm too cheap to buy it for myself. Bridger gave me new drumsticks (and a chance to play drums in a rock 'n' roll band). And Sierra made me cry. 

That's a terrible way to put it, but that is just what happened. Our family had been visiting on the patio after enjoying pizza Dylan bought us for Mother's Day lunch. We were taking a break in the shade from the heat of Saint George, Utah. 

Sierra came up behind me, and handed me a darling card from all three of the kids. Sierra calls me Mama Llama, and I call her Llama Llama; the card was perfect with the sweet messages from the three of them.  My kids are all gifted when it comes to writing. Their tender words almost made me cry. Then Sisi handed me a box from Oaklee Mae, the personalized jewelry company she manages for her best friend Ashley.

Inside the box was a stainless steel cuff bracelet. As I picked it up, I recognized the familiar cursive writing that was engraved into the steel. "My love always, Daddy." My throat tightened, and my eyes stung with tears. 

"I love you, Mom."

When she hugged me, the floodgates opened, and I cried the ugly cry. I miss my dad so much, and having that tender reminder means the world to me. 

Sierra had found a letter my dad had written me, and had engraved his beautiful, strong penmanship onto a bracelet. What a wonderful keepsake to treasure always. 

My nicknames: Sisi calls me Mama Llama, and the boys call me Shrink.

Oaklee Mae's recent acquisition was a custom laser engraving machine. The company can take any written or drawn image, and engrave it on a bracelet, bar necklace, or dog tag. People have submitted their children's simple drawings, old photographs, or handwritten messages to have them made into jewelry. 

Sporting my two favorite bracelets, both Mother's Day gifts; Italian charms from Dylan and my Oaklee Mae cuff from Si.

If you are interested in ordering personalized jewelry (bracelet, necklace, and keychains) for yourself or a loved one, you can find Oaklee Mae's "handwriting jewelry" HERE.

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