Monday, June 5, 2017

Introducing Rocky, the Champion Boxer

Meet Rocky, my handsome granddog who is Sierra's fur baby.
While we were in Utah visiting our kids, we introduced Sami and Bristol to their "siblings," as well as my daughter's menagerie of animals. Sierra has a fish, a cat, and a Boxer named Rocky. If Sisi is our puppies' sister, that makes Rocky their nephew. 

Bridger and Sierra drove Rocky down to St. George to meet us for the weekend at Dylan and Jamie's!

We were a little concerned about adding our two dogs to her mix at Dylan's new home in Saint George, and at our small house in Joseph. Things went better than I'd hoped, but sometimes two active puppies, and a very active big dog can cause a lot of commotion and chaos. 

While Sierra was at work, Chuck and I spent our days hanging out at the house with the animals, and occasionally left the dogs in their crates while we went exploring the canyons and red hills nearby. We knew the dogs would do better if they were able to burn up some energy, so we visited the dog park in Washington, and took them for walks, and let them get their zoomies out in the fenced in back yard.

Fun at the dog park. Bristol wasn't interested in the water feature.
Rocky and Bristol had fun rough-housing, but Sami seemed to take things a little personally when she got involved. As long as we kept toys divvied up, and kept Sami out of the fray, things went pretty well.

Sierra adopted Rocky shortly after we adopted our puppies. Chuck and I had been ignoring Sierra's pleas to have a dog in our house she is renting from us, wanting to keep the place in good condition until we can get back there to live full-time. 

After we'd had our puppies for a few days, I realized how much love and joy they brought to us. I wanted Sierra to have that experience, too. We caved, and decided we would let her get a dog.

Ever since Dylan adopted Diesel about ten years ago, I've had such a soft spot for Boxers.

The night we called her with the news that we had changed our minds was an emotional one for Sierra. It was only a matter of hours before she located Rocky through the classifieds. We were happy she'd found an adult dog that was house-trained, and already knew basic commands. They are a good match for each other.

People said we were crazy for adopting two puppies at the same time. After spending a week with a fish, a cat, and THREE dogs in the house, I think we could have done a lot worse! Two puppies is manageable for us. I think three would have absolutely done us in. 

Sierra and her Rocky-Roo.

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