Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Puparazzi

Chuck calls me the puparazza, our puppies' personal photographer. Paparazzi are freelance photographers who doggedly pursue subjects to take candid pictures of them, going about their usual routines, so puparazzi is a fun variation of the Italian word. If the definition fits, wear it. I'm OWNING puparazza! 

Yes, I shamelessly take selfies with the puppies, too. I want these memories to last my lifetime.

Note: If you're a guy, and you can relate, you'd be a puparazzo, and if you're in a group of like-minded dog-loving photogs, you'd be part of the puparazzi, too!  

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth
My husband is a photographer extraordinaire, and waits until the lighting is just so, and the subject's expression is perfect, and  then crafts his photographs during post-processing until they are truly works of art. I am constantly working to improve my photography skills, but am realizing I may never reach the level of my husband's abilities. I also have no qualms about using my cell phone to capture spur-of-the-moment shots I would have missed if I'd taken the time to get my equipment. These are my excuses for relying on the phone that's always in my back pocket. 

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

Ever since we got our first glimpses of the puppies at Anderson Animal Shelter, I have been taking their pictures; ad nauseum, some may say. Occasionally, the puppies may tire of my clicking, if some of the pictures are to be believed, but luckily, they are a forgiving duo.
"Enough with the camera, Mom."

That's okay. I make no apologies for the picture overload on Facebook and here on my blog. Bristol and Sami are my babies, and just like when my children were little, I could never have too many photos of them. 

The cell phone did a nice job of capturing this close-up.

One of our friends says I should be a pet photographer because I've gotten some great shots of the puppies. Well, I don't know about going pro; my "secret" technique was taking Sami's bone away from her, and holding it over my cell phone. It worked. The pups didn't take their eyes off of the prize.

Dangle a carrot, or in this case, a bone, to motivate little canines. (Cell phone puparazza shot)

Chuck has taken beautiful pet portraits by using his tried and true method of waiting for the perfect moment. His pictures are such a gift to me, and he knows how much I appreciate his talent. I'm probably a little too impatient; that's one reason I use my cell phone so often.

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

Don't get me wrong, I still lug out my photo gear when I want to get a portrait-quality shot of our dogs, but for on-the-spot documentation, I rely on my cell phone quite a bit. 

My back pocket camera captured this fun action shot of Sami when I bent down to take
a pic of the dogs sitting on command. We'll keep working on "sit."

When the sun hits Sam's eyes just right, we can see what a beautiful shade of brown they are. (Cell phone pic here)

Many of you have been so generous in your compliments of the puppies, and seem to like all of the pictures, so I will just blame you. I'm kidding; I'm kidding. I'm obsessed. I can admit it. I'm doggedly pursuing my puppies' pictures, without apology.  I'm the puparazza extraordinaire.

There are so many fun apps on my phone that let me generate my own puppy memes.
(I downloaded this photograph to my phone to create the final graphic.)


  1. All the pics are adorable--yours are some of my faves! I have such a hard time getting Buddy to stay still for pics. Unless he's pointing. Then he doesn't move...

    1. Try BARK CAM! It's an app for your phone! Gets their attention! I've been playing with it; it's been fun!


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