Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Kibbles from Heaven

Absent of mind would describe me at many points of any given day. I often forget what I need from the room I just walked into. I don't have immediate recall of just the right word when I'm speaking. I can't find the glasses I'm wearing on top of my head. I'm the proverbial absent-minded professor. 

One morning, as we were eating breakfast, Chuck and I each had a pup at our feet, on their blankets, and we were distributing "kibbles from heaven." Bristol and Sam are rewarded for being quiet during our meal time. As long as the puppies cooperate, treats continue to fall from the sky. 

What a difference this little routine has made. It has eliminated the all-out battles that used to occur under the dining table during meals. Chuck and I no longer have to yell to each other, just to be heard. It is so peaceful.

While Chuck was finishing up his bran flakes, I was eating sections of a juicy tangerine I had just peeled. Unfortunately, I forgot which hand held the tangerine, and which one held the kibble.

Dog food does not taste as bad as I had imagined.


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