Monday, March 6, 2017

A Little Dab'll Do Ya

My parents named me Denise Ann Beidler. When I was growing up, I didn't know anyone else named Denise. I thought my name must be freakishly strange, and I longed to have a more normal name. I thought Chrissy would have been nice. 

Then we moved to a new town, and I met a beautiful high school girl on my bus named Denise Ann Bailey. I couldn't believe we had not only the same first name, but we shared middle names, and our last names even began with the same letter. Our initials were DAB. She was shocked to find out I didn't like my name. 

"I LOVE my name!" she said. "You know what they say, 'A li'l DAB'll do ya!'" Well, when she put it like that, I started to like my name more. My composition notebooks were covered with my initials and my name from that point on. 

Do you know what a DAB is these days? Ugh. 
THIS is a DAB. And no, there is no photographic evidence that I have ever dabbed in real life because I haven't. 

Apparently, we have Cam Newton of Panther football fame to thank for the current craze. You can read more about that HERE

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Chuck and I take pictures for two different youth groups, and invariably, when we assemble the kids for a group shot, one of the kids will suggest everyone dab for the photo. "NO," we adamantly tell them. "Just look at the camera and SMILE." I'm sure we are the fuddy-duddiest people they know. 

Yesterday at the end of church, I sneezed just as we were standing to end the service with the final worship songs. Any school kid can tell you their teacher taught them to sneeze into their elbow. I'm a teacher, so, of course, I sneezed the "correct" way, into my elbow. 

Chuck leaned over, and whispered in my ear, "Did you just DAB?" 

I started to laugh. Of course, I did. I do some of my best laughing at church, during the sermon, or when the choir is singing, or during a prayer; any time I should be extra solemn. 

I'm sorry you missed my first and only dab. A little dab'll do me, too, and that was it. 


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