Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Painter Is Coming!

The painter is coming! The painter is coming!

Or is he? Time will tell, soon enough. 

You see, he was going to come way back in June, but he didn't. He called after a little impromptu vacation to tell us he was sorry he had gone out of town, and hadn't let us know. Then he finally called to say he could come in July---the week no one would be home. And then he said he would come a couple weeks ago, but one of his painters had to take the day off. Last week, he had planned to be here, but his kid got sick. 

Now it is nearly three months after we had hoped to have our house looking all spiffy for our summer house guests; surely today's the day. He's going to come; I just know it. He HAS to show up this time. 

All of our canvases and framed art are down in the basement. We've pulled all of the nails out of the walls. We've stored our cameras and photography equipment. All of the books are in boxes. Closets are bulging with all of the stuff we've hidden. The house looks so stark. The only thing that keeps depressing thoughts at bay is thinking THE PAINTER IS COMING.

He better show up today. I mean it. Or else. Or else. 

Or else? We'll have to wait some more. And I just don't think I can do that much longer. 

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