Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Homier and Homier

Our painters came! Our painters came! They worked upstairs all day yesterday, and as soon as they left, Chuck and I had to go see what they had gotten done. Nail holes had been filled, and patches had been sanded, and it was obvious they had already covered the red wall in the kids' room with the creamy khaki/taupe-y paint. (Sherwin Williams named the color Stone Lion. To me, it looks like khaki or taupe, so here is a paint sample for you.)

Stone Lion SW7507

The two of us plopped down on our bed which was in the middle of the room, along with all of the other furniture pushed away from the edges, and I told Chuck how happy I was that the painting had begun. That's when I realized they had already painted our room, too. Gone were the dingy looking walls, and now we had a freshly-painted room. I went from happy to thrilled THAT fast. I'm nearly giddy that we have finally begun the updates to our house. 

This morning, I wanted to get outside for my walk early, as rain was "possible" around 8:30, according to the Weather Channel. I left my cell phone at home, just in case the rain came early. 

The sky to the east was a rosy, peachy color, and I wanted to get a better look at the sunrise. To do that, I had to walk out of the tree-lined streets in our neighborhood, and head toward the industrial park several blocks away. When I was closer to the four lane highway, I could see the brightly under-lit clouds that were nearly neon pink in the eastern sky above the buildings, but I wasn't prepared to see what was to the north. There were billowing grey clouds above a very foreboding dark sky on the horizon. The sky lit up with lightning, and I decided it was time to scurry back home. 

I remember when I was younger hearing that rain is coming when the trees show the underside of their leaves. That thought came to mind as the breezes picked up, and sent leaves swirling above the rooftops as I strode toward our cul de sac. The wind seemed to come from the sidewalk, stirring up the leaves and causing them to tumble down the street. I walked a little faster, hoping to beat the rain. The dark clouds that had been to the north were now directly overhead, and moving steadily to the south. A part of me wouldn't mind getting caught in the rain, but there is a little girl part of me that still worries about getting struck my lightning. 

When I neared the end of our cul de sac, I saw the garage door closing and noticed the painter's truck in the driveway. Not long after I shut the door behind me, the rains came, softly at first, and then steadily. The storm grew as the sky darkened further, and the sky brightened occasionally with lightning. The rain began to fall in sheets as we watched the storm from our bay window. I love rain, and rainy days. It reminds me of growing up in Virginia. 
Our living room will have two accent walls in
Sherwin Williams' Sporty Blue SW6522

Today, the painters should finish most of the upstairs. I know some people hate the smell of paint, but to me, it makes the house smell like new. Our home just keeps getting homier and homier. I am so happy.

The family room's accent wall will be
Sherwin Williams' Antique Red SW7587

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