Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Rennie, Too?

Are you a rennie? A rennie is a person who loves Renaissance Festivals, and goes to ren faires. As often as possible. In costume or not. Paying patron or paid employee. Re-enactor or performer. My own definition is someone who loves being in the world inside the renaissance faire, and suffers withdrawals when the season ends, or on days missed during the season.

Season Passes!

Last summer, Chuck had season tickets, and I went every weekend I wasn't in Utah with my kids. THIS year, we both bought season passes. We really like going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. And we both kind of pout when we have other obligations that prevent us from attending.

A couple of weekends into my second season at Bristol this summer, someone made a comment about rennies. "Can photographers be rennies?" I asked out loud.

Photo Credit: Brian Schultz

"Oh, yes. You're a rennie," one of my favorite re-enactors assured me. 

If that's the case, Chuck has been a rennie for nearly ever. He even went when his boys were small. I am fairly new to all of this, and went to my first faire in Saint Louis. I've gone to the one in Utah, and Chuck has taken me to the faire in Michigan, and the one closest to us in Illinois, which is in Bristol, Wisconsin. 

Yesterday, I took a very big step. Chuck took me shopping at Alter Egos, a clothing store at the Bristol Ren Faire where the beautiful costumes are made by the shop owner Susan Blanchard. 
Susan Blanchard of Alter Egos

From the moment we walked in, we were taken care of by Susan's assistant Michelle, who answered our questions regarding fabrics and breathability, which are important factors to know about on these hot, humid summer days in the midwest. Michelle helped me find what I was looking for, and I love my new costume.

There's no question about it; if I wasn't already a rennie, I'm on my way to becoming one. 


If you know anything about Chuck and me, we always wear matching shirts when we go to Bristol. So we all know what that means, right? We'll be shopping for an outfit for my husband any day now. Get ready, Alter Egos. We'll be back.

And now, your ear worm for the day. You may ignore the following, if you prefer your brain to be free of an endless loop of a silly ditty set to music. You've been warned.


My ren faire version of Be a Pepper.

(Sung to the tune of the Dr. Pepper commercial)

I go to the ren faire and I'm proud.
I used to be alone in a crowd,
but now you look around these days,
and it seems there's a ren faire craze.

I'm a rennie, he's a rennie, she's a rennie, we're a rennie.
Wouldn't you like to be a rennie, too?

I'm a rennie, he's a rennie, she's a rennie, we're a rennie.
If you go to ren faires, you're a rennie, too.

Us rennies are an interesting breed.
The Bristol Ren Faire's what we need.
Ask any rennie, and they'll say, "Bristol Ren Faire is the place."

I'm a rennie, he's a rennie, she's a rennie, we're a rennie.
Wouldn't you like to be a rennie, too?

Be a rennie; go to the ren faire. (Repeat ad nauseum.)


  1. Love your new look. Appreciate the earworm warning and I skipped the ditty. It doesn't matter. You had me singing at the title.

    1. Thanks for reading, Crystal! I love the new garb, too. Those dang ear worms. I know you don't enjoy them; you're one of the reasons for the warning. Guess it wasn't enough.

  2. You make a great rennie! Didn't mind the earworm and have loved all your stories from the ren faire.


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