Friday, July 22, 2016

Feeling Beautiful Is More Important than Being Beautful

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

is more important 
than being beautiful. 

It's not how you see me; 
it's how I feel
about who I am. 

It's not about good hair days 
and flawless makeup. 

It's not about an elusive number
on the scale or skinny jeans.

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

Feeling beautiful 
goes deeper than that. 

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

It's believing in myself. 
It's facing my fears, 
and acting brave,
even when I'm afraid. 

Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

It's working up a sweat, 
and feeling stronger every day.

Photo Credit: One of my kids
It's living my life wholeheartedly. 
It's being loved, and giving love.

I have never known so much joy, and so much love, as I have since meeting Chuck.
Photo Credit: Dylan Waters

I may not always LOOK beautiful, 
but at this time in my life, 
I finally feel beautiful. 

Even better.

These are my gifts from God. Being a mother isn't a glamorous job, but it is a labor of love that brings so much joy to life.
Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth

Take a listen. I hope this makes you feel beautiful.
This is the song my last class of fifth graders
sang to me on the phone, and whenever
I visited them at the middle school.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful.

P.S. This started out as a silly Facebook challenge. If someone challenges you to find five pictures that make you feel beautiful, even if you don't do the challenge, I hope you'll think about what it is that makes you feel that way. 

When I finally did the challenge, I was surprised at the pictures I chose. They weren't the ones with perfect hair and makeup, or when I was at my goal weight. They were the ones when I was relaxed, working up a sweat, laughing out loud, with my husband or our kids, doing things I love: photography and hiking. The times I feel the most beautiful are when I am happy. So if it makes you feel more comfortable to find pictures of yourself when you feel HAPPY, instead of BEAUTIFUL, use those. My guess is your happy pictures are your most beautiful ones, too. 


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