Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mulled Cider in July?

Thunder was rattling the windows while a storm raged outside. I went upstairs to draw a bath. The bathroom was dark, and I decided rather than flip the switch, I would light a candle. 

In my bedroom, I have a variety of candles, and at first, I grabbed the largest, but then I spied the squatty orange one. Mulled Cider? At the end of July? Why not? What's stopping me?

As I took my bath, the small room filled with the heady aroma of autumn; sweet cinnamon and crisp apples. It was heavenly. 

I blame Susy. She and I had chatted back and forth today about the splendors of autumn. Susie celebrates her birthday in the fall, and her new granddaughter will be born then, and she apparently has a thing for candy corn. We have lots of birthdays in the fall, too; Chuck's, two of the kids, and mine, just in our nuclear family. I could go on and on about the joys of fall. 

The cooler weather means sweaters and hoodies. No longer do we have to talk about getting in better shape for summer. We can put that all behind us as we pull nice thick soft shirts over our heads, and just feel good about enjoying ourselves in layers of clothes. There's fall leaves, and caramel apples, and pumpkin patches. School supplies go on sale in preparation for this wondrous season. What's not to love?

Is it too early? Not at our house. Just today Chuck heard one of my playlists on Spotify playing Christmas music. He asked if I'd like to put the tree up soon since we do it so early anyway. I think I'll wait on Christmas just a while longer. We'll enjoy this summer warming up to the idea of autumn with some yummy smelling candles. That's all for now. 

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