Tuesday, July 5, 2016


First of all, Chuck and I are the last people on the planet who should probably be using hashtags. And we know that. That's exactly why we do it, and it probably annoys our kids. We don't need more reasons than those. We know we are not up to speed on all of the social media platforms, but we are not afraid to use them haphazardly, and with wild abandon. (Okay, that might just be me.)

My first Instagram collage. Pretty proud moment.

Chuck has had an Instagram account for a long time, so when I finally set up an account, I was surprised to see he only had one picture posted. The only reason I have an account is to see what our kids are doing. Not in some creepy, stalker-parent sort of way; just to see their fun posts and activities. I try very hard not to "over share" on Instagram; you know, post more than is seemly for a retired school teacher, whose only Instagram friends are her kids. Chuck and I are vaguely aware of the whole hashtag reference on Twitter and Instagram, but only just barely.

Not very long ago, Chuck started saying "Hashtag Team Bennorth" whenever we were having a silly moment of celebration, agreement, or solidarity, or even something as simple as when our shirts match. So, hashtags have become a "thing" in our house. 

When we achieve a goal together, complete a task at the house, add money to our savings account, get compliments on our photos from our volunteer work or a wedding, we give each other a high five, and say, "Hashtag Team Bennorth!" 

Hashtags are normally reserved for posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; not for us, though. We actually never use them online; just verbally. If there's a way to make something that is trending less cool, we'll find it! 

People often notice our color-coordinated shirts. We know some folks admire it when they make remarks, saying how adorable we are. And we know there may be a few who think it's more "adorkable" than adorable. We're okay with that. It's just what Team Bennorth does, and we have fun with it. 

Chuck and I love being a team. We finally found each other, and it's great knowing I have a teammate who has my back, and is pulling with me for a win. Color-coordinated clothes are our uniforms, and "#teambennorth" is our cheer. 


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