Monday, April 25, 2016

U Is for (Intentionally) UNintentional

As a proponent of INTENTIONAL living, you may think it odd that today my focus is on being intentionally UNintentional, if only for a little while. Before you turn away, thinking I've lost it, let me explain.

Do you know what happens when you marry a man who is going to be a first-time grandpa soon after your wedding? If you are very lucky, you are welcomed by the family, and you become a grandma. Thank you, Chris and Amy, for giving me this unexpected blessing!

This last weekend it was our privilege to have our one-year-old grandson in our home while his parents went to a wedding out of town. 

While our overall intention was to love CJ and keep him safe, we released any expectations we may have had, following his lead for when we played, napped, ate, and went to bed. A baby can be unpredictable, but we found spontaneous moments of joy by releasing any control we thought we might have over the situation. Chuck and I agreed that being intentionally UNINTENTIONAL was a good plan for our weekend.

If we had tried to force CJ to follow some schedule we deemed worthwhile, we might have missed out on some of these amazing moments...
Grandpa captured his infectious laughter.
CJ spent some time with his great-grandmother, too.

They adore each other.
Becoming a grandma was an unexpected blessing when I married Chuck.
CJ in his grandpa's shadow.
We wonder what he thinks about.

Lost in thought...

Always happy to share and smile.

One very unintentional choice with an amazing outcome this weekend?
Buying a drum set. But that's a story for another day.

There were so many unexpected, and delightful moments. The smiles, the snuggles, the laughter, the hugs. I hope you will agree that there are definite perks of being intentionally unintentional once in awhile, especially if you are a grandparent. I hope we get to do this again. Soon. 

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