Thursday, April 28, 2016

X Is for XI

Here we are on day 24 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, staring down the letter X. Let's face it, unless my theme were musical instruments and today I were writing about xylophones,  the letter X was going to be more than a challenge. 

Xi is one of my favorite words to play in Words with Friends. There are not many words that begin with the letter X, but xi does. It is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet, and is an acceptable word, according to the game rules.

I'm pushing things a bit, since my theme was Affirmations for Intentional Living. My affirmation today is 

Don't forget to have fun!

XI is also the Roman numeral for 11. So today, I will share 11 things that are fun for me, starting with the word Xi. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Chuck and I love word games, and we play Words with Friends which is an online app similar to Scrabble. So, playing WwF is one way I like to have fun. 

2. Blogging is fun for me. I write every day, even on days I don't have anything worth publishing. If you notice a day when I don't post a blog entry on Facebook, you can thank me for sparing you that day's efforts. Today may end up being one of those days I should have not published; sorry about that.

3. Photography is one of my passions. Marrying a photographer who has professional skills has allowed me to learn so much about this craft. We collect camera gear the way Jay Leno collects cars. That may be a bit of a stretch, but we love getting new lenses, lights, and backdrops. 

4. Reading keeps me busy during quiet times at home or on planes. I like reading all sorts of books: self-help, Christian, poetry, how-to, humor, memoir, and on occasion, fiction.

5. Being outdoors makes me happy. Hiking with the ones I love the most makes me deliriously happy. My kids and I have enjoyed hiking in Utah and Colorado for the last few years. Chuck and I have had so much fun exploring the national parks near our home in rural Utah. 
My all-time favorite hike: Little Wildhorse Canyon.

6. Last summer Chuck introduced me to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. We love our time there, and even attended all three days of Labor Day weekend. Chuck is my own Dr. Who, and we travel back to the Renaissance period as often as we can.

Yes, we color-coordinate our clothes, and have matching lenses, too. Fun, fun, fun!

7. Tea parties with five-year-olds is a great way to spend an afternoon. Whenever Miss V comes to play, I know there will be baking, tea, and laughter involved. What could be more fun than that?

Sierra is a fun thrift store shopping partner.
8. Thrift store shopping is so much for for me. I love finding bargains on name-brand clothes, and decor for our home. Chuck introduced me to the consignment shops, thrift stores, and resale shops nearby. My kids and I love trying on outlandish hats, and seeing what oddities we can find.

9. I love to bake: cookies, French bread, potato rolls, chocolate chip cookies, coconut lime scones, sugar jumbles; I just love to bake. I saw a t-shirt I need that says, "I don't bake all the time. Oh, wait. Yes, I do." I would, if I could. I guess I COULD, I just shouldn't. My jeans say that would be a terrible idea.

I'm more of a baker than a cook, and my oldest Dylan is more of a griller, but SOMEBODY has to cook at Thanksgiving.

10. Being a grandma has opened up for me a new way to have fun with children. It is different than parenting or teaching. There is a sense of wonder and delight, without all of the worries and stresses of being the adult in charge.

Being a grandparent is one of life's sweet joys.

11. Not many people know, but I have always wished I knew how to play the drums. As it turns out, my husband has had the same dream (not that I could play the drums, but for himself to be able to play). We two, who from all outward appearances, are a couple of mild-mannered, middle-aged grandparents, shared the dream of playing the drums. SERENDIPITY! So, we bought ourselves a drum set, and we are learning to play. (Emphasis on the word PLAY.)

Grandpa lets CJ give the drums a try.

There you have it. Eleven of my favorite fun things to do. What about you? What is fun for you?


  1. The other Denise loves many of the same things! We were destined to be pals. :) Now I want to go bake cookies. And that hat would be PERFECT for Saratoga this summer!

    1. Should I see if the consignment shop still has the big, red hat? ;-) I want to bake, too. Today, I think I'll go for some French bread. Only slightly less tempting than cookies. What is in Saratoga, by the way?


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