Saturday, April 23, 2016

T Is for Thanks

Thank you is one of the simplest things we can say, and yet it is so powerful. When we take the time to thank someone, it may make more of a difference than we realize. 

When I first noticed this verse in 1 Thessalonians about thanks, the scripture was written "Be thankful in all circumstances." How nice, I thought, but when I looked up the reference, I noticed most translations offer these words: "GIVE THANKS..." There's a big difference, if you ask me.

If I'm simply full of thanks, no one else may even know. I can sit around all day feeling thankful, keeping those good thoughts to myself, but if I don't GIVE my thanks to someone, it won't do as much good. It doesn't matter whether I give thanks to God, or my husband, or my kids, or to you, it can make a difference in my relationship with each of you. A state of being (being thankful) versus an action verb (giving thanks) ? Hmm...I'll take the action, please.

Within the last month, two of my former fifth graders thanked me publicly on Facebook. Wow. I was so touched. I may, or may not, have taken screen shots of their messages to enjoy later, on a day when my spirits need a lift.

Don't feel obligated to buy the perfect card, or pen the perfect note of appreciation, or buy a gift. Simply thank someone for what they've done for you. Your parents, your siblings, your children, your co-workers, your friends, or even a teacher from days gone by...just pick a person.

Thank someone today. Send that text. Make that phone call. Drop in for a visit. Maybe even post it on Facebook. 

You never know who might be needing a little encouragement and appreciation. 


May I take a moment right here to thank you who take the time to read my blog? My writing is so therapeutic for me. I don't make money doing it; I just do it because I love to write. The words of encouragement I get from my friends and family who read Randomocity are what keep me coming back each day. Thank you for reading, for sharing, for commenting, and letting me know when I've written something that made you think, or smile, or remember. Just...thanks.

So simple. Don't just BE thankful; GIVE your thanks to someone. Pass it on.


  1. Being thankful vs. giving thanks. What an important distinction and one I haven't really thought much about. I do try to give thanks, which is one of the reasons I don't write A to Z blog posts but devote November to blogging 30 Days of Thankfulness. You just gave me an idea for this year's 30 Days. Thanks!

    1. I wrote this post twice. The more I thought about the difference between being thankful and giving thanks, the more I knew I had to focus on that! Thanks, Denise.

  2. Those are the letters I save, the ones from students telling me what they're thankful for about having been in my class. Despite the hugely positive benefits, I often forget or get away from the gratitude practice, and then I slide back to it when I feel I can hardly breathe and remember why.

    1. Ros, thank YOU. YOU have touched so many lives, including mine and Bridger's with your compassion, intelligence, and humor. Love you!

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    1. (I see what you did there. ;-) ) Thank YOU for stopping by!


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