Tuesday, April 5, 2016

G Is for Gratitude

There are some who have accused me of being a Pollyanna. (They say that like it's a bad thing.) I was  taught as a little girl to find the silver lining in dark clouds. Every day is a gift, Mama would tell me. 

My mother set the tone in our home to be grateful for everything we have, even our challenges. You may think with that kind of attitude she must have lived a charmed life, but that is not the case. 

Mom grew up in a transient family that moved every year during her childhood, moving into fixer-upper after fixer-upper, and moving as soon as they improved the condition of the house. Her parents lived simply, having survived the Depression. After WWII, her Christmases were meager, and her wardrobe consisted of two dresses. Yet she has happy memories of her childhood. 

Mom was divorced by the time she was in her thirties, and went on to become a widow later. Three times. Nursing a dying husband through cancer. Losing a robust man to an unexpected heart attack. Burying her fourth husband less than thirty days after he was diagnosed with cancer. She has cared for aging parents in her home until they left this world. No, life has not been especially gentle with my mom, but because of her, I usually have an attitude of gratitude. I have seen gratitude turn lack into abundance, and problems into opportunities.

Even on my worst days, if the only good thing I can say is "At least it's not any worse than it is," that's still something. Most of the time, once I start counting my blessings, I realize I have an abundance of gifts, and I just need to look beyond my trials, and be more grateful for all that is right in my world.

Today, I am grateful for my mom, and the lessons she taught me by her example.

Several of my friends are doing the blogging challenge with me. We have quite a variety in our group. If you enjoy intelligent, witty, thought-provoking writing, trust me; you'll love the way these powerful women write.

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  1. I love your word, "blogment!" I am grateful you stopped in and introduced yourself to me. Have a blessed blogging day! :)

    1. Blogment is a word coined by Tonia, a good friend of mine. Thank you for dropping by, Ronda!

  2. Geez, you come from some strong roots woman. I can't believe all the things your mom has gone through. Like you, I'm trying to count my blessings more and part of that involves more alone time and time with nature. I'm trying to be grateful that I have a lovely place where I can do this and despite a husband with a badly broken leg, that my kids are thriving. I try to keep things on an even keel and yet right now I know my reserves are endangered. Thank you for writing about gratitude. Always a good reminder. And thanks for the acknowledgment about the word blogment, too.

    1. I hope that husband of yours mends well, and soon. Thriving kids is always a plus! Yeah, my mom is pretty amazing. We who know you love your word blogment.


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