Thursday, September 12, 2013

*You Won't Find This Tip in "Hints from Heloise"

Here's a little housecleaning tip from the Queen of Procrastination: invite friends over!  Nothing motivates me more than knowing other people will be observing my domicile.  Things I have been putting off all of a sudden take on a new priority.

I had known all week there was company coming for the weekend. Meanwhile, I had been living the life of a sloth.  It wasn't like I hadn't done any chores, though.  Laundry is my thing, so I always keep up with that.  

When I had set out my decorative pumpkin and cute word block that says BOO, I had blown the dead flies off the windowsill first. I had put most of the groceries away.  (I had tried to convince myself that leaving the ingredients out for the next two dinners was somehow more efficient.) We had mowed the lawn the night before, for the first time in nearly three weeks.  (I had been out of town for two of those weeks, folks. So don't be too harsh with your judgment.)

I knew that having friends here for lunch would be just the thing to spur me into action. Somehow knowing that our home will be observed by outsiders is just the ticket to get me cleaning and tidying.

Yesterday when my friends accepted my invitation to lunch, my persona changed.  I became a whirlwind of activity, sweeping, dusting, and polishing previously shiny surfaces.  The vacuum is out and ready to go for this morning's assault on the house.  I love a clean home; I just don't like house cleaning.  I don't mind it near as much when I think it will be appreciated.

My friends will be happy. And I will be happy that everyone thinks that we live in such a nice, clean house.  Happy, happy, happy.

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