Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dress Up...It's Not Just for Little Girls


My big boy has always loved to startle people.  To terrify them.  To shock them.  His poor wife puts up with his hiding in the closet when she gets home from work, so he can "surprise her."  To this day, his younger sister deals with anxiety and fear any time anyone threatens to chase her, even if they're teasing, even if they don't mean it.  We have Dylan to thank for that.

When the youngest made the mistake of falling asleep while the oldest was still awake, Dylan donned this mask so he could "properly" awaken his little brother.  Trying to waken Bridge is like trying to waken the dead, but Dylan accomplished it.  I think Bridger is just used to Dylan doing things like this, so he doesn't provide the most rewarding reaction for his brother.  

Last fall, when Bridger and I were visiting Dylan and Jamie, we noticed some Halloween candy in an orange plastic bucket in the kitchen cupboards. "Dyl, can I have some candy?" Bridge asked, which was pretty polite, I thought.

"Sure, but you have to earn it.  You have to dress up and go trick or treating for it."  The next thing I knew, the boys were rummaging through closets to find a suitable costume for this impromptu event.  Dylan donated cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat for this special occasion.  After the bucket was emptied of its contents, Bridger dutifully took it outside, and knocked on the door.  We waited a considerable amount of time for the door to be answered, considering the homeowner was expecting us.  

"TRICK OR TREAT!"  Bridger laughed.  In mock surprise, Dylan complimented him on his costume, and gave him some candy.  Every time Bridger wanted candy the rest of the weekend, Dylan would say, "Only if you dress up."  Love their silliness. 

That weekend, we noticed traditional fall displays in front of the grocery store.  When the kids were little, I required at least one photo session each fall in the middle of the pumpkins in front of the store.  There were always complaints and the fear of people noticing, but those pictures were some of my favorites.  So, I made a request of my now very tall boys.  "Just for old time's sake, would you let me take a picture of you in the pumpkins?"  Do you know how much they love their mother?  They did it with only a minor amount of cajoling, and they even smiled!

One of my most favorite pictures of the boys was taken a long time ago, when Bridger was small enough to be picked up and held.  I had it prominently displayed in my classroom for years.  We were at the pumpkin patch, and I was busily taking pictures.  Dylan had scooped Bridger up and tipped him back as I snapped the picture.  Every time I see that picture, I'm flooded with sweet memories of that special time of year with my very special kids.

Not so long ago, I had seen a pin on Pinterest of favorite family photos recreated.  It's hilarious to see the old picture of the little ones, alongside the modern version, with the adult children.  I played the mom card again, and asked the boys to help me recreate the moment.  And like the obedient sons they are, they obliged me.  How dull would my life be if they didn't mind hamming it up for my camera?

Now...and Then


  1. That "old" picture is still how I imagine those boys when I think of them. I am afraid I also think of Marie and Sierra that way. It's like I can't grow up!

  2. You just haven't had the privilege of seeing them much. I love old pictures, though. Each one floods my heart with sweet memories of days gone by. Our sweet little Marie should be coming home soon! When, exactly? You must be counting down the days, hours, and minutes. I'll see you Tuesday morning so we can catch up!

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