Thursday, September 5, 2013

Texting...texting...1, 2, 3...

When Sierra and I decided to surprise Bridger with a visit to her place in Denver, talking about the trip was tricky for me.  I will never tell a lie; although, there have been times when I have omitted facts to preserve a surprise.  Bridge asked me if we were staying in Marysvale that week. I was basically going to tell him that he needed to pack "for the weekend in the city," not specifying WHICH city, knowing he would assume up north at our other house. I didn't want to LIE to him.  We WERE staying in Marysvale during the WEEK, but on Friday I was going to whisk him away to Denver.  I could talk about our going "up north," and just leave out the part where we take a sharp right and head EAST to Denver.  I was thinking of so many ways to answer him, but I finally just responded with:  Yes...

B:  K.  What's with the excessive periods?

Wow.  I thought to myself. How does he know I've been having trouble with those?  OH!!!  The ellipses after my "YES."  THOSE excessive periods!  Ha ha ha!

Me:  Ha ha ha...I was thinking to add more and didn't.

B:  Usually that means something

Me:  No

Oh, dear.  He made me laugh so hard, and he didn't even know it that time.

This summer, Bridger had gone to Seven Peaks Water Park with a friend.  He texted:  We're getting ready to leave.

Me:  I hope you had a blast!  You're coming home to pouring down rain.

B:  Luckily not on a motorcycle

Me:  Or a unicycle.

B:  Yes mom...Or a unicycle

Me:  :D

On Pioneer Day, July 24, less than a month before the start of school, Bridger and I were texting.

Me:  Can I come get you after my doctor's appointment?  We need to get some clothes for the S word soon.

B:  $&!# ?  Um ok. ;-)  (He spelled it out, very unlike him.  I would do it, but him?  Never.  Or so I thought.)

Me:  You don't talk like that!!!

B:  You said S word.

Me:  The one that starts with s...c...h...but it's not August yet so I can't say it... (I will always have the heart of a teacher.)

B:  But you can still say the other S word right?

Me:  Well, of course.  There's not a bad time of year for THAT word.  But I'm over 50.

B:  Hahaha

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