Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October, October

What's NOT to love about October? Besides being the first full month of autumn, it is packed with birthdays: Chuck's, two of our kids', our sister-in-law's, and so many friends'. Today's pictures feature some autumnal scenery, and my very favorite people born in October, with some of my favorite October quotes.

Chuck's birthday is this week. We've been celebrating the last two weeks, with special gifts and little surprises, but on his actual birthday, we get to have dinner and birthday cake with our Illinois kids. Being with our kids is always the best part of family celebrations. It is such a special day. Happy October 7th Birthday, dear everybody!

The weather has cooled considerably. I've worn sweaters a couple days, and my jeans are finally getting pulled out of the closet to see the light of day. I love being able to run the house fan at night without making the house feel damp. When I leave early in the morning for my walks, I enjoy the brisk temperatures, and knowing I'm not going to be drenched with sweat and humidity before I reach the end of our block.

My favorite tree at the Rotary Park is glowing with orange. It always seems to turn colors before any of the other trees. When I go for my morning walks, there are more and more leaves on the ground.

We've been noticing a difference in not only the flora, but the fauna. While I've been missing the lightning bugs, I haven't had any mosquito bites for over a week now. The murmurations of starlings make me smile. The way they create patterns that swirl and change as if they were one amazes me. I love hearing the honking geese overhead, and would just appreciate it if all of the geese would get the memo that it's time to migrate. I swear the people of Saint Charles must be feeding the geese too well in the summer; the birds never want to leave. (I will spare you the grossness of why I wish they wouldn't winter here in our parks.) 

My birthday is next month, so I've kind of loved this autumnal season of celebration since I was little. Having had two babies of my own in the fall just solidified my love of autumn. We get to wish Sierra and Bridger each a happy birthday!

Photo of my sweet girl taken last October in La Jolla, California
What a sweet month October is. I hope time will slow down just a bit so I can savor every single day of it. 


  1. Great photos, great quotes and, most of all, great commentary! Happy fall, D!


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