Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here's My Sign

Saturday morning we had an early start. We had a two and a half hour drive to Wisconsin for A Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians, a fun little Renaissance Faire in New Glarus. Chuck was driving his Toyota, and we were listening to classical music, while I did what I do when we are on the road.
I love signs; all sorts! (Photo credit: Chuck Bennorth)

One of the hazards of being in a car with me is I read aloud signs I see, without any rhyme or reason to them. I love words, and cleverly coined phrases. Sometimes I read signs just to hear how they sound on my tongue. Other times I applaud the copy writers for coming up with advertising that informs, as well as entertains. Often, Chuck doesn't always know how to respond to my random outbursts; he's uncertain if I'm awkwardly starting a conversation, or if I'm just reading billboards along the interstate. 

During our early morning drive, as is often the case, a sign on the back of a semi caught my eye, and this time, rather than read the sign out loud, or give any context to what I'd read, I just started asking questions. 

"What difference would it make to some trucking company if people want to burn paper logs? Are they bad for the environment? I would think recycling a product one more time would be somewhat beneficial."

You are probably as confused as Chuck was about my questions, without having seen the sign. Chuck just looked at me with a puzzled expression. I decided to give him a few hints about my current topic of conversation.

"Well, the back of the truck had a sign on it that said, 'NO MORE PAPER LOGS.' We used to make our own paper logs when I was a kid, and burn them for fire starter in our wood stove. What's the big deal with paper logs these days? And why do you think that particular company is taking a stand against them?"

A smile spread across my husband's face. "I don't think that's the kind of paper logs they're talking about, Honey. Trucking companies aren't taking a stand on what people burn for fuel." He let that sink in for a sec. "Truckers can log their miles electronically now, instead of with paper logs, so they are probably advertising that they are up-to-date with technology."

A dim light in the recesses of my brain began to glow. 

I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes, but he does. Here's my sign...


  1. This could be a conversation from my past, present and future. I read random things out loud while traveling, too. And, my hubby has a similar reaction. Good thing they love us.

    1. Oh, Stella, imagine if we could go on a road trip together!

  2. It's all about context. Isn't that true for so many things?


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