Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Play's the Thing

Is my life like a play? Is there a plot riddled with conflict to keep the story line interesting? Is there a cast of characters who come and go as one scene changes to the next? And the biggest question is... Am I some diva on the stage trying to tell the director how to do his job?

I am discovering that to be truly happy, sometimes we have to let go of our attachment to a specific outcome. I thought I was so smart; I thought I knew what was best for me, but when life took some unexpected twists and turns this last year, I realized that sometimes we just have to release our expectations, and just enjoy the unexpected plot twists that come our way.

I shared this quote from on Facebook this last week:

Since last winter, I had struggled with one setback after another. It seemed my life was not going according to my plan, in any way, shape, or form. I was so discouraged as I watched my life seemingly fall apart as I tried to deliver the old lines I had rehearsed, but it just wasn't working.

Once I let go of the way I thought this drama should be played out, there was room for new actors, new plot developments, new scenes, and frankly, I never could have predicted how delightful those changes would be. 

If you would have told me that this summer I would meet some of the most extraordinary people of my life...that I was going to come out of retirement to teach second graders...that I would be happily dating and having wonderful adventures with my "girls" and my kids, I probably would have scoffed at you. My life went from melodrama to comedy when I released my expectations, and I decided to accept this new way of normal.

Living in the now, perfecting my improv skills, has allowed so much more happiness into my life. If all the world's a stage, I would like to thank those of you who have been the best supporting actors and actresses I could have asked for in this epic adventure of life. 

The show must go on...and while I know the part I play is a small one on the Broadway stage of life, in my particular scenes, I will play my part wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm. It's time for me to scrap the script. I've been ad-libbing for months now, and I have to say, I'm happier and have more peace in my life without that old script to which I was clinging. One of the biggest changes I've had to make is relinquishing my perceived role as director. I am not in charge at all; I see that now. I am part of something so much bigger than myself, and I'm as excited as any audience member to see how this thing's going to end. 


  1. Now, Now..... You know how you love it when your students end their papers with, "The End!" Don't wait for the ending, enjoy the Acts, Scenes, Intermissions and Treats!!!! Just sayin' ....

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing for the last scene of the final act! I like the way you think...intermissions and TREATS!

  2. I just finished reading from Sep 22 back to this point--and I just needed to tell you that it was in Shipman, many years ago, that I put on the refrigerator, "The most constant thing in life is change"--little did I know that after my divorce and the subsequent ideal marriage, I would be widowed three times and marry a Utahn. I am so happy that he agrees to sharing our time between Virginia and Utah. We share our kids and our mission and our dreams and our homes. I have had a section of my heart labeled 'happy' all my life, and I constantly nurture it. Thanks for sharing your happy changes with whoever reads your precious blog. At 75, I am still trying to manage my 24 hours a day to get more out of each one!

    1. MOM! I just found this while browsing my blog this morning. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and for leaving me a comment. You are my hero of happy! I remind myself all the time, "If Mom can do it, you can, too." Thank you, Ma.


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