Monday, August 4, 2014

Now Comes the Hard Part

"All my bags are packed.
I'm ready to go.
The taxi's waiting;
He's blowing his horn.
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye."

Yes, I tend to think in lyrics at times like this. My suitcase is full of rumpled clothes. I'm having my second cup of coffee. All I want to do is jump on the kids in their beds, and make them laugh. Just one more day...

But we've had our weekend together, and they have to get ready for work soon. I hate to wake them when they all love to sleep so much. So, I'll give them just a bit longer, and then I'll try to keep the tears in check when I tell them goodbye.

These faces, though. 

They make me think. They make me smile. They make me laugh. Just last night, Jason and Bridger were "playing music" on their root beer bottles at Ted's, our favorite restaurant in Lakewood. Then they entertained us with their guitar playing when we came back home.

Hans will be about 60 pounds heavier the next time we see him, unless we get together sooner. His Daddy was a great big Great Dane at 175 pounds; I think he's on his way... Sigh. It's time to go. We've had so much fun. If only I didn't like these folks so much, it would be so much easier to say goodbye. I'm a lucky mama; I know that. Goodbye, Sweet Girl. Goodbye, Jason. Goodbye, Hans. This mama loves you all so much.


  1. sweet! It is hard to say "goodbye" I prefer "see ya". It makes it sound sooner than later. ��

  2. Know how you feel! Love ya. Stay busy and let's talk!

  3. Much prefer "Aloha". It can mean hello, goodbye, love and affection.


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