Thursday, August 7, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

"Let's do lunch," girlfriends will say to each other. Not mine, though. My girls say, "Adventure awaits. Be ready in an hour." I love that about my friends. Our plans are not "maybe, someday, we ought-a" plans. We won't be living with regrets of the coulda, shoulda, woulda variety. These women make right here-right now-let's do something-even if it's wrong-kind of plans.
Red Hat Society, Nelson County High School Chapter, Summer of 2013

My high school girlfriends mostly stayed close to home in Virginia. Since I moved the farthest away, when I go back to visit, those of us who can, get together. I love the camaraderie, the friendship, and the warm feelings I have whenever I am with them. The miles may separate us, but through Facebook, we are able to stay in touch with each other, celebrating our milestones, and mourning our losses together.
My Daring Greatly Friends from My 500 Words writing group on Facebook, Ros and Tonia

My virtual friendships formed through a writers' group on Facebook took things to the next level when we had a meet-up via the Randomocity Road Trip. We didn't sit around bemoaning the fact that we were each more than a dozen hours' drive away from each other. One of us said, "Come stay at my ranch," and the other two jumped at the opportunity. Ya gotta love women who make things happen.

This summer as a single girl, I've done some fun things with my female friends, singles and married. I joined the gym and cycled the canyon and went tubing down the river with Laura. Sharmel and I met for lunch at Pepperbellys. My college roommates and I took advantage of all three of us being in the same state at the same time, and enjoyed a leisurely Vietnamese lunch of Pho. 

And then there's Kimberly. She is my hero. I'm taking notes on how to live my life as spontaneously as possible from that girl. 
Kimberly took me to the Whiskey Street Pub and Grill before the Train concert. It's been awhile since I've been carded. ;-)
Because of her, I've been to the Kayenta Street Painting Festival near Saint George, and I've learned not to eat edamame pods at the Happy Sumo restaurant, and how to eat artichokes at the Whiskey Street Pub and Grill in Salt Lake City. We went to the Train concert in downtown Salt Lake, and I watched her handle the drunk guys behind us with class and style. 

Pam and me
Even though I moved away from Marysvale, I still visit my friends there each month at the Ladies' Luncheon at Marysvale Diner. Our photography group still gets together, and I love every chance I get to see my girlfriends in Bullion Canyon.

Sporting our Brain Buckets before Cycling the Bike Trail down the Canyon
My girlfriends push me to live my life outside my comfort zone. They ask the hard questions, and they listen with their hearts. They encourage me to live my life to the fullest. Where would I be without my girls? Life would not be near as much fun, and we all know, girls just want to have fun.

The BYU Cougars Gather in Provo

My Workout Partner, Biking Partner, and River Floating Partner Laura
When was the last time you thought, "My friends and I should get together?" Do it. Do it now. You won't regret it! Make a plan, follow through, and have fun with your girls!


  1. Awesomeness Denise. You look so happy, and that makes me happy

    1. Thank you, Rhonda. I'm excited about this new chapter in your life!

  2. I do understand this... we have a group of four, which we call, "The COBs". The Crusty Old Broads, get together for birthdays, weekends, and any time the spirit calls to rejuvenate our bodies and souls! It is so refreshing to have close friends to share the good, the bad and the ugly with. No matter what it is, we are there with and for each other. It's what girls do.

    1. I'm glad you have your COBs. How fun is that? ;-)

  3. Great reminder. I've been way too busy this summer! Slowing down a bit (my blog post this week) but you have reminded me that I need to be a bit more intentional with my friends…especially now that I only live in this area part time. Oh, and by the way…my husband and I were carded this summer, too! :) Apparently you have to prove you are old enough to reserve a space a "55 and over" camping community!

    1. Can't believe you had to be carded to reserve a campsite! LOL. I hope you get together with friends soon!

  4. I think it's great that you enjoy life. Very motivating.

    1. Anne, I do try to make the most of things! Thank you.


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