Friday, February 24, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Our "Drag Racing" Team

Sam and Bristol are such opposites, and that is most apparent when we walk the dogs. I think of the two of them as a "drag racing" team because one drags, and one races. I bet you can guess which is which. 

Always raring to go; that's our Sam! (Photo Credit: Chuck Bennorth)

Chuck's little athlete is all GO-GO-GO as soon as we're out the door. When we first brought her home, it was a struggle to keep up with her on the leash. She noticed everything; chasing every little leaf, and investigating every rock and stick.

Puppy cuddles for Sami before Dad heads off for his work day.

Sami has an abundance of energy, just like every other little Lab I'd ever had. Chuck took to running with her, just to keep her happy. I think that's been kind of hard on his joints, though, and I've been working hard at getting her to heel on the leash when I walk her 2-3 times a day while Chuck's at work. She has made amazing progress this week. I'm so happy that she is a quick learner. 

Bristol's low-key energy makes it easier for him to walk alongside me. Captain Oblivious isn't aware of most of the stimuli in our neighborhood.

The first five days he lived with us, Bristol heeled like a pro, trotting at my side as we tried to keep up with Chuck and Sam. Captain Oblivious isn't aware of most of the stimuli in our neighborhood, so it's easier for him to focus on walking. I think after a few days of jogging behind Sam and Chuck, he tired of the faster pace, and began to balk at the anticipated exercise. He's just not into moving much anyway, and maybe I am not making it fun enough for him to enjoy it. 

Bristol has two speeds, and if you don't like his slow speed, you're really not going to like the other one, which is STOP. He will have none of being pulled. (I'm reading every article and watching every video about reluctant puppies.)  I cajole. I offer treats. Sometimes it works, and he'll trot a few more paces, but often times he just stares at me with disdain, if he looks at me at all. 

After he trots a few paces, slowly and steadily, he pauses. And then...
Nopety-nope. He just sits, refusing to budge.

This obstinance is a recent thing with Bristol. I'm thinking he's going to grow into those big feet, so I really want to get on top of this while he is a pup.

We'll keep working on it. For now, I will take him out for shorter jaunts at a slower pace, and praise and reward like crazy when he actually moves. 

Chuck and I went to our first puppy obedience class last night, and we are excited to learn about using positive reinforcement these next few weeks, but if you have any suggestions about Bristol in the meantime, I'm all ears.

Sleeping is Bristol's super power.

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